Can Lansing assertits dominance in the ramen game, or will Detroit usurp the capital city? A grand ramen battle royale plans to answer that very question.

    Hometown ramen slingers Ruckus Ramen face off against Detroit’s Johnny Noodle King at the Green Dot Stables Lansing patio, July 22, 6 p.m., to see which rustbelt city will reign ramen supreme.

    Tony Smith, general manager of Green Dot Stables Lansing, said the competition sprang up naturally. “One of our executive chefs owns Johnny Noodle King and wanted to do a pop up on the Green Dot Stables patio. We figured we could bring Ruckus down and make a little friendly competition.”

    Smith said that this isn’t your broke college kid ramen. “Real ramen is a new thing a lot of people don’t know about yet. It wasn't the ramen noodles you used to find stashed in the cupboard. It’s so much better,” said Smith.

    The $20 ticket will include an appetizer, half an entree from each restaurant and a vote, said Smith. “Both are excellent and both chefs I believe are doing something off the menu and something that's a little different.” There will be vegetarian options as well, Smith added.

    Ramen has the potential to push into the everyday food scene, said Smith. “I do know that it is not nearly as popular as it is going to be. For my personal opinion it’s not yet mainstream but it will be.”

    Ruckus Ramen won’t have an unfair home advantage, said Smith, “though they have a big following here.”

    Johnny Noodle King’s executive chef Les Molnar said he is bringing shoyu style ramen to the bout. “It’s a vegetable based broth so we can have a vegetarian option,” said Molnar.

    However, carnivores need not worry. “The regular will include hand rolled pork belly, braised for eight hours and finished on a griddle,” said Molnar.

    Ruckus Ramen is still concocting their noodle dish for the battlesaid SteveSwart, chef and owner of Ruckus Ramen.“Everyone on our staff is excited,” said Swart.

    “Johnny Noodle King has been doing this a while and makes some incredible food so we are working hard to come up with some new delicious ideas. Regardless who wins this will be a lot of fun.”

    Green Dot Lansing will continue with business as usual inside the restaurant. Alcohol will be sold separately.