Aug. 9 2018 10:59 AM

Details scarce as Schor plans announcement

A partnership between the city of Lansing and the global online auction house eBay promises to deliver a new, “transformational” entrepreneurship program geared at supporting local businesses, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said Tuesday.

Schor hinted in a press release about the upcoming announcement, scheduled for Friday, but details surrounding the plans remain largely unavailable. A spokesperson for his office declined to elaborate.

Officials at eBay in May partnered with the city of Akron, Ohio, to launch their “Retail Revival” program. They bill it as a way for small business owners to “boost their ecommerce presence.”

Millions of visitors can visit the Akron-specific webpage to take a digital stroll through the city’s shops. And new inventory is regularly added.

“The Retail Revival program is designed to advance existing economic development efforts by harnessing the power of technology and eBay’s global marketplace in support of the local business community,” according to a report posted on the company’s website by the eBay News Team’s Adam Kohler.

An email sent to the company for additional details was not immediately returned on Tuesday.

It’s not clear if Lansing will also participate in the Retail Revival program, but Schor said Lansing — like Akron — was “chosen” by eBay for the undisclosed initiative, according to the release.

An eBay senior vice president, Scott Cutler, will join Schor Friday at 10:30 a.m. at the Lansing Brewing Company to discuss the “benefits” of the program with local media outlets.