Aug. 30 2018 09:48 AM

816 Hickory St., Lansing

Officials with the City of Lansing agree: The neighborhood would be better off without the home at 816 Hickory St. They plan to tear it down this year.

A couple reportedly escaped a blaze that engulfed the 1895 home in 2016, but their dog died. The house, vacant since the fire, needs about about $135,000 in repairs to be made safe. The City Council earlier this year voted to demolish the building. Reports indicate the owner, Charles McCants, hasn’t attended public hearings to decide the property’s fate.

Code enforcement officials have declared it dangerous. The scorched porch is crumbling. Windows are boarded up. Empty wine bottles and other litter have collected around the yard. Neighbors suggested the deteriorating structure also poses a danger to children.

Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.

(This writer would’ve tried knocking on the door, but the roof looks as if it could collapse at any moment.)

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