Ixion Theatre Ensemble’s “Chalk” Opening Night

8 to 9:30 p.m.


The Robin Theatre

1105 S. Washington Ave., Lansing

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SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 — See a mother and daughter relationship play out in chilling sci-fi fashion with apocalyptic settings.

“There aren't a lot of full fleshed out roles for women in this area,” director Oralya Garza said.

“When we come across a three dimensional character — even a nontraditional gender role of being a space alien — we want to take up the gauntlet.”

Founded in 2013, the Ixion Ensemble vowed to bring an alternative voice to the Lansing theater conversation.

Actress and Lansing-native Sara Frank-Hepfer will play Maggie, a mother making her way in the apocalypse, while Michigan State University acting student Ellie Weise plays Cora, her daughter returning after a long absence a little too different than before.

“They have chemistry and they continue to cultivate and contain that chemistry,” Garza said. “The audience will feel it as well; there is no hesitation in the performance.”

The Robin Theatre is a good space for a two character performance, she added.

“Ixion has a commitment to producing new work and this fits in nicely, it requires an almost intimate setting.”

Pulling off sci-fi well on stage doesn’t require all the bells and whistles of spaceships and graphic alien sets.

“Plays are always about relationships and how resolution comes about ─ whether that be the protagonist changing, or refusing to change,” she said.

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