Sept. 20 2018 09:30 AM

Eye Sore: 751 Larch St., Lansing

Andy Wreckerman isn’t sure what to do with this shack over on Larch Street. He might demolish it. The tight proximity to the house next door — which is also quite the eye sore — makes it a hard sell, he said. But for now, he’s just “letting it sit” vacant until he figures it out. And neighbors aren’t exactly thrilled with the slow pace.

A reader said the less-than-appealing (to put it politely) blue and beige color combination painted over the rotting wood catches the eye, but for all the wrong reasons. And at least some residents think the shoddy property is devaluing the rest of the homes that surround the block near the corner of Monroe Street.

Wreckerman, owner of American Land Investment LLC, told a sad story about the facade. A former tenant was struck and killed by a car before he had a chance to finish painting over the beige with blue. And nobody has came by to finish the job since. He said repeated break-ins have caused continued damage inside.

State records indicate Wreckerman’s company filed its registration in 2013 but hasn’t kept up to date with annual filings to the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The name of his business, subsequently, is now available to any other corporation that might want to claim it, according to LARA.

“I’ve pondered tearing it down but that’s difficult,” Wreckerman added, noting he was previously unaware of his outdated filings but will work to correct any missteps in the near future. “I’m just letting it sit for now.”

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