Sept. 27 2018 10:37 AM

Arcadia Ales & Smokehouse 2101 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing

Following a prolonged construction schedule, this much-anticipated structure is scheduled to open soon as a brewpub and restaurant. Built in 1954, the core of this facility had served as a bank, but it is now repurposed with significant additions that both respect the original mid-century building and reflect an industrial appearance appropriate to the smokehouse and brewing functions inside.

The new entrance divides the east wing of the building from the historic portion, introducing an easily identifiable front entrance and other elements that significantly improve the urbanism of this block. The brick addition replaces a large, front-facing parking lot with an active courtyard, which is covered with reclaimed football artificial turf. A smaller addition at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Michigan employs the siding material of the rear addition and holds the property line around the corner.

The building’s strong horizontality is repeatedly reinforced with ganged bands of storefront windows, a molded grey metal cornice, muntins dividing the clerestory windows and joints in the perimeter wood fencing and brick pillars. The relaxed interior retains the bank’s vault door and makes ample use of stainless steel. Visitors might look for trompe l’oeil details which are cleverly finished to mimic other materials

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