Oct. 11 2018 11:32 AM

3801 Walton Drive, Lansing

    This Eyesore might not look shabby from outside, but city officials know it’s what’s inside the counts. City officials are working to address growing problems inside this small apartment building. Police fficers visited the site nearly 100 times in the last year, for everything from robberies and assaults to prostitution and drugs.

    The owner, Bruce Kruger, continually picks up trash around the building and has replaced broken windows.

    He recognized the place is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches, but he said he has addressed those issues, among others.

    “There’s a cop over there that just keeps hammering my ass,” Kruger added. “It’s not the Taj Mahal. I understand that. The big problem is that the city keeps bitching about the cops coming over there.”

    Police said residents there don’t sign lease agreements and Kruger hasn’t done anything to help officers facilitate background checks for tenants. Kruger dismissed both claims as “hearsay” but said he’s willing to work with the city to reach an equitable resolution.

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