The city of Lansing will let the nine remaining medical marijuana dispensaries stay open past the Oct. 31 deadline to obtain state licenses, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said.

But the state might shut them down, a spokesman for the state licensing agency said.

In a video interview with City Pulse, Schor said that as long as the dispensaries are still in the running for city licenses, Lansing authorities will leave them alone.

But they are not out of the woods. The state has set the end of the month as the deadline to obtain a state license — which dispensaries cannot receive without a city license. And the city has yet to award a single license and won’t in time, officials have said.

David Harns, the spokesman for the state Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department, confirmed Monday that dispensaries operating without a state license after Nov. 1 may be referred to the State Police and the Attorney General’s Office. He added that cease and desist letters will be sent beginning Nov. 1 to unlicensed dispensaries.

“If it’s reported to us or we become aware of it, we likely would make a referral. Any person could notify law enforcement of a facility operating unlawfully,” Harns said.

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