Takoyaki is a unique Japanese snack that you can order as an appetizer at AI Fusion Sushi & Grill. It consists of a fried dough ball, filled with crunchy octopus and glazed with Takoyaki sauce — a variant of Worcestershire sauce blended with a Japanese noodle soup base. Often served by small Osaka food vendors, Takoyaki is notable for its street food vibe.

The hot dough’s crispiness paired well with the octopus when the dish first arrived and seemed to melt as my mouth reached the octopus. However, having gotten my arms around the octopus, I began to notice that the Takoyaki was cooling fast, becoming increasingly mushy in the process. The sauce was delicious and savory, though, and really put it over the top. In short, I would highly recommend this as a refreshing alternative to other squid/octopus dishes like calamari. Just don’t let it go cold before you’ve fully enjoyed it.

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