THURSDAY, Jan. 10 — Bust out the skates. A new ice rink opens today at Washington Park — if it is cold enough.

A portion of a parking lot at Washington Park along Washington Avenue has recently been transformed into an open-air rink for local residents to enjoy the wintry weather on ice. No rentals or concessions will be available but guests can skate on the temporary rink until 10 p.m. — just as long as the temperature stays below freezing.

Admission is free. Guests must bring their own skates. And Mayor Andy Schor couldn’t be more excited.

“I join many Lansing residents in recalling the fun of skating at the Washington Park ice rink with my family years ago,” Schor said. “While we don't have the budget to bring back a full ice-skating rink, I am happy that the city is able to flood this part of the park and create an ice rink that people can use with their own skates.”

An indoor ice rink at the park was previously closed as city budgets tightened. The new rink is smaller —55 feet by 90 feet — but it represents a renewed effort to bring neighbors together and foster a sense of community, according to a release. The temporary rink is slated to remain open until the spring, depending on the weather.

Restrooms are available on site. Hockey games will not be permitted.

“The ice rink will be yet another great amenity for our residents,” Schor added.