Lovefest 2019

12 to 6 p.m.
The Fledge

1300 Eureka, Lansing

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SATURDAY, Feb. 2 — The Fledge will be bustling with 17 local vendors, a cakewalk, belly dancers and more for ARTspace’s Lovefest.

“We wanted to do something around Valentines Day, but not make it too cheesy. It’s more of a bringing the community together, family friendly event,” ARTspace founder Bridget Doyle said.

Admission is an article of warm clothing, non-perishable food item or $5. The warm clothing will go toward ‘Lansing’s Happiest Homeless Person’ Chris Pruett while the food items will go toward combating hunger locally. Monetary donations will be reinvested into ARTspace to sustain proactive art programs in the community.

For kids, there will be DIY art-making and crafting stations in The Fledge’s lower level.

“Our mission has always been to create space in the community for art, give back to the community and also find venues where we can have low cost opportunities for artists to come together and sell,” Doyle said.

Coinciding with the show will be DJ performances by Ess Be and Rayshawn. Gospel singer Lafanda Jones will also perform.

The Fledge is a great place to partner with, ARTspace member and vendor Lindsey Ventre Gomez said.

“I feel like what we have in common with The Fledge is we really want people to follow their bliss whether it is music, knitting or baking natural products. What Jerry does here is facilitate a place where people can be themselves and do the things that make them happy.”

This event isn’t all about artists selling so much as it is about an experience, Ventre Gomez added.

“We’re finding more and more people want to come and be with their community.”