2206 W. Jolly Road A recent reader nomination brings us to this week’s “really terrible” southside eyesore, but this one probably would’ve made our listings at some point regardless. The property is for sale. And it’s a total mess.

    This residential-looking building at the corner of Jolly and Pleasant Grove roads is listed as commercial office space in county records, owned by a company only identified as Jones, Thomas & Robbyne. A phone number spray-painted on the front of the dilapidated structure leads to a generic voicemail. Multiple messages left there were not returned, but the property is clearly “FOR SELL” according to its graffiti.

    Boards cover doorways and the windows. The siding is peeling off the nearby garage. The awnings are caving in. Landscaping is non-existent. Gutters are falling off the worn-down rooftop. It’s difficult to drive past that southside corner without the building catching attention for all the wrong reasons.

    Taxes appear to be paid in full and the property doesn’t have any active code enforcement issues. Built in 1948, the building totals to about 1,400 square feet. Just call “CALL BUY 517-394-1856” for details. County property records indicate the site is listed by “Best Realty Inc.” but attempts to contact an agent there were unsuccessful.

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