City Pulse is a free weekly newspaper with over 22,000 newspapers distributed every Wednesday to over 540 locations in the greater Lansing and tri-county area with over 50,000 readers per week. To find the distribution point closest to you, all locations are listed below by area.

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    Lansing Downtown

    Aladdin’s Express 208 S. Washington Sq.

    Beer Grotto 500 E. Michigan Ave.

    Biggby 500 E. Michigan Ave.

    Biggby 120 W. Ottawa Ave.

    Biggby 115 W. Allegan St.

    Boji Tower 149 W. Allegan St.

    Capital District Area Library 501 S. Capitol Ave.

    Capitol Commons Office Bldg 400 S. Pine St.

    CATA (newsbox) 420 S. Grand Ave. & Lenawee St.

    Chamber of Commerce 600 S. Walnut St.

    Chandler Office Building 300 E. Michigan Ave.

    Cigar Connoisseur 121 S. Washington Sq.

    City Hall 124 W. Michigan Ave.

    Cooley Bookstore 300 S. Capitol Ave.

    Davenport University 200 S. Grand Ave.

    Downtown Post Office 315 W. Allegan Ave.

    East Main Apts. 206 E. Main St.

    The Exchange 314 E. Michigan Ave.

    Grady Porter Courthouse 303 W. Kalamazoo St.

    Grand Traverse Pie Co. 200 S. Washington Sq.

    Henry’s 227 S. Washington Ave.

    Homegrown Provisioning 628 E. Michigan Ave.

    Jalapeno's 307 S. Washington Ave.

    Jersey Giant 220 S. Washington Sq.

    JIMH Drop in Center 520 Cherry St.

    Kelly’s Downtown Pub 220 S. Washington Sq.

    Kiosk Ionia/Washington (northeast corner)

    Kiosk Ottawa/Washington (northeast corner)

    Kiosk Washington/Allegan (southwest corner)

    Kiosk Washington/Shiawassee

    Knight Cap 320 E. Michigan Ave.

    Lansing Brewing Co 518 E. Shiawassee

    Lansing City Market 325 City Market Dr.

    Lansing Center 333 E. Michigan Ave.

    Lansing Towers 600 W. Ottawa St.

    The Loft 414 E. Michigan Ave.

    Lou & Harry’s 119 S. Washington Sq.

    Midtown Brewing Company 402 S. Washington Sq.

    MSUFCU 104 S. Washington Sq.

    Newsbox Capitol/Allegan (southwest corner)

    Newsbox Capitol/Washtenaw

    Newsbox Washington/Washtenaw

    Newsbox Michigan & Pennsylvania

    Newsbox Allegan & Washington

    Newsbox Washington & Kalamazoo

    Peanut Shop 117 S. Washington Ave.

    Pete’s Hy-Grade Market 533 S. Chestnut St.

    Radisson Hotel & Capitol City Grille 111 N. Grand River Ave.

    Riverwalk Theatre 228 Museum Dr.

    Roma Bakery 428 N. Cedar St.

    Riverfront Towers 601 N. Cedar St.

    Thomas F. Cooley Stadium (Lug Nuts) 505 E. Michigan Ave.

    Tin Can 414 E. Michigan Ave.

    Whipped Bakery 216 S. Washington Sq.

    YMCA Washington & Ottawa 119 N. Washington Sq.


    LCC Gannon - Starzone Entrance 422 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Gannon - Commons Area 422 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Gannon - Entrance C 422 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Arts & Science - Main/East Entrance 419 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Arts & Science - TLC Entrance 419 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Arts & Science - Back/West Entrance 419 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Huron Building 333 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC - University Center 210 W Shiawassee St.

    LCC Health & Human Serv. - Main Entrance 515 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Health & Human Services - Hill Entrance 515 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Health & Human Services - Garden Level 515 N. Washington Sq.

    LCC Mackinaw Building 430 N. Capitol Ave.

    LCC Washington Court Building 309 N. Washington Sq.

    Gibson's Book Store 320 N. Capitol Ave.

    Newsbox LCC bus stop at Washington & Shiawassee

    Newsbox outside Gibson’s Bookstore, Shiawassee/Capitol

    Lansing East Side

    Ace Hardware Frandor

    Aladdin’s 300 N. Clippert St.- Frandor

    Allen Neighborhood Center 1619 E. Kalamazoo St.

    Altu's 1312 E. Michigan Ave.

    Avenue Cafe 2021 E. Michigan Ave.

    Bake 'n' Cakes 3003 E. Kalamazoo St.

    Biggby 2250 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Biggby 3335 E. Michigan Ave.

    Better Health Store 305 N. Clippert St.

    Blimpie’s 2323 E. Michigan Ave.

    Chase Bank 3118 E Saginaw St. – Frandor

    Corner Party Store 1568 E. Grand River Ave.

    Craft Chiropractic 1717 E. Michigan Ave.

    Dunhams 3301 E. Michigan Ave.

    Eastern High School 220 N. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Eastside Fish Fry 2417 E. Kalamazoo St.

    Eric's Markett 838 N. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Everybody Reads 2019 E. Michigan Ave.

    E-Z Mart 1901 Lake Lansing Rd.

    First Merit Bank 2017 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Foster Community Center 200 N. Foster Ave.

    Frandor Deli 300 N. Clippert St.

    Friendship Manor 200 Friendship Circle

    Front 43 4515 E. Saginaw St.

    Greenwave 500 E. Oakland Ave.

    Guitar Center 517 Mall Ct. – Frandor

    Indoor Sun Creations 1570 E. Oakland Ave.

    JI Case Lofts 113 Pere Marquette

    Jose Cuban Sandwich 2315 E. Grand River Ave.

    Kroger 443 Mall Ct. – Frandor

    Mac's Bar 2700 E. Michigan Ave.

    Marshall Music 3240 E. Saginaw St.

    Michigan Market 1825 E. Michigan Ave.

    Mid-MI Physician’s OB/GYN 1540 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Moriarty's Pub 802 E. Michigan Ave.

    Motor Wheel Lofts 707 Prudden

    Muffler Man 2600 E. Michigan Ave.

    MSUFCU 3rd Floor Sparrow Prof. 1200 E. Michigan Ave.

    Newsbox - Strange Matter 2005 E. Michigan Ave.

    Newsbox - Flap Jacks 3000 E. Grand River Ave.

    Newsbox - Oade’s Big 10 314 S. Clippert Ave.

    One Stop Convenience Store 1245 E. Grand River Ave.

    Painting with a Twist300 N. Clippert (Franker)

    Soup Spoon Cafe 1419 E. Michigan Ave.

    Spare Time Ent. Center 3101 E. Grand River Ave.

    Sparrow Hospital 1215 E. Michigan Ave.

    Sparrow Professional Bldg. 1200 E. Michigan Ave.

    Sparrow Surgical Lounge 1215 E. Michigan Ave.

    Steakhouse Philly 3020 E. Kalamazoo St.

    Stober's Bar 812 E. Michigan Ave.

    Subway 1629 E. Michigan Ave.

    Sunshine Laundromat 402 N. Homer St.

    Tabooli 1620 E. Michigan Ave.

    Theio’s Restaurant 2650 E. Michigan Ave.

    Tobacco King 419 N. Clippert St.

    Westlund’s Apple Market 2301 E. Grand River Ave.

    Lansing Northwest

    Airport Tavern 5000 N. Grand River Ave.

    Airport Party Store 4209 N. Grand River Ave.

    Bohnet Electric 2918 N. Grand River Ave.

    Capital Region International Airport 4100 Capital City Blvd.

    Consumers Energy 530 W. Willow St.

    D&L Cafe 4805 N. Grand River Ave.

    Handy's Market 424 W. Willow St.

    Vallarta Supermarket 312 W. Willow St.

    Lansing South & Southeast

    Aldaco's Restaurant 6724 S. Cedar St.

    Arby’s 3229 S. MLK Blvd.

    Astera Credit Union 301 E. Jolly Rd.

    Biggby 6439 S. Cedar St

    Biggby 4230 S. MLK Blvd.

    Biggby 1701 S. Waverly Rd.

    Brunch House 1040 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Buddies Pub & Grill 240 Aurelius Rd.

    Board of Water & Light 1232 Haco Dr.

    Board of Water & Light 1203 S. Washington Ave.

    CATA 4615 Tranter Ave.

    Celebration! Cinema 200 E Edgewood Blvd.

    Central Pharmacy 1003 E. Mt. Hope Ave.

    China Buffet 711 Miller Rd.

    China East 7050 S. Cedar St.

    Citadel Broadcasting 3420 Pine Tree Rd.

    Coach’s Pub & Grill 6201 Bishop Rd.

    Colonial Bar & Grill 3425 S. MLK Blvd.

    Corey’s Restaurant 1511 S. Cedar St.

    Dan’s Coney Island 5600 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Everett High School 3900 Stabler St.

    Family Dollar 5058 S. Waverly Rd.

    Flagstar Bank 7016 S. Cedar St.

    Flap Jack Restaurant 6927 S. Cedar St.

    Fleetwood Diner 2211 S. Cedar St.

    Forest Health Center 2316 S. Cedar St.

    Fountain Place Apts. 920 S. Washington Ave.

    Got Meds 3405 S. Cedar St.

    Green Cross Solutions 6020 S. Cedar St.

    Ingham County Health Dept. (DHS) 5303 S. Cedar St. Doors 3 & 4

    Jackpot Party Store 2922 S. Cedar St.

    K-Mart 5400 S. Cedar St.

    Kroger 921 W. Holmes Rd.

    Kwik Car Wash 420 S. Elm St.

    LAFCU 1121 Keystone Ave.

    LEAP 1000 S. Washington Ave.

    Los Tres Amigos 6405 S. Cedar St.

    Louie's Party Store 1901 S. Washington Ave.

    Main Post Office 4800 Collins Rd.

    Mancino's 6250S. Cedar St.

    Market Fresh 5016 S. MLK Blvd.

    McLaren Hospital 405 W. Greenlawn Ave.

    McLaren Orthopedic Hospital 2727 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Meds.Ink 106 W. Mt. Hope Ave.

    Meijer 6200 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    MSUFCU 200 E. Jolly Rd.

    Munchies 4120 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant 3308 S. Cedar St.

    Nature's Alternative 2521 S. Cedar St.

    Oak Park YMCA 900 Long Blvd.

    Pet Supplies Plus 6030 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Pines Rehabilitation & Health Care Center 707 Armstrong Rd.

    Pure Options 6030 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Quality Cannabis Testing 5735 S. Cedar

    Rich's Country Store 6237 Bishop Rd.

    Royal Liquor 3325 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    RSVP 2400 Pattengill Ave.

    Saddleback BBQ 1147 S. Washington Ave.

    Schucky Farms 6040 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    Short Stop Market 1901 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    Stillman’s Hair & Nail Salon 1701 S. Waverly Rd.

    Sunoco/Taco Bell 3000 Dunckel Rd.

    Superior Growers Supply 5716 S. Pennsylvania

    Soldan’s 5200 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    South Lansing Library 3500 S. Cedar St.

    Spartan Toyota 5701 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    St. Vincent De Paul 1020 S. Washington Ave.

    Superior Growers Supply 5716 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Talecris Plasma Resources 3222 S. MLK Blvd.

    Tribute 617 E. Miller Rd.

    Tri-County Reg. Planning Comm. 3135 Pine Tree Rd.

    Tony’s Wireless 6100 S. Cedar St.

    Valuland Market 1609 W. Mt. Hope Ave.

    Volunteers of America 5411 S. Cedar St.

    Walgreens 410 E. Jolly Rd.

    Walgreens 3404 S. MLK Jr. Blvd.

    Zeus Coney Island 6625 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Lansing Westside/Delta Township

    Arby’s 4209 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Astera Credit Union 5615 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Barnes & Noble 5132 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Biggby 8741 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Biggby 536 Elmwood Ave.

    Biggby 6333 W. St. Joe Hwy.

    Better Health Store 6235 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Buds-R-Us 1804 W. Saginaw

    Capital City BBQ 1026 W. Saginaw St.

    Coffee Jam 6427 Centurion Dr.

    Comfort Inn 525 Canal Rd.

    Cottage Gardens 2611 S. Waverly Rd.

    Country Inn and Suites 6511 Centurion Drive

    Crowne Plaza Hotel 925 S. Creyts Rd.

    Delta Township Library 5130 Davenport Dr.

    DeLuca’s 2006 W. Willow Hwy.

    Denny's 7330 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    EagleMonk Pub & Brewery 4906 W. Mt. Hope Hwy.

    Eastbury Supportive Living 1038 Eastbury Lane

    El Azteco 1016 W. Saginaw St.

    Falsetta's 138 S. Waverly Rd.

    Finley's 7433 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Flapjack Shack 1601 S. Waverly Rd.

    Goodwill 5353 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Harry’s 404 N. Verlinden Ave.

    Honey Baked Ham 5601 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Horrocks 7420 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Jersey Giant 3700 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Jumbeaux 2010 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Keys to Creativity 5330 W. Saginaw (Lansing Mall)

    Kroger 6430 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Lansing Township Hall 3209 W. Michigan Ave.

    LCC West/Main Entrance 5708 Cornerstone Dr.

    LCC West/East Entrance 5708 Cornerstone Dr.

    Los Tres Amigos 5010 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Meijer 5125 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    MSUFCU 653 Migaldi Dr.

    Party Store 2823 W. Saginaw St.

    Patrick’s Salon & Spa 5451 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Quality Suites 901 Delta Commerce Dr.

    Ramada Inn 7501 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Red Roof Inn 7412 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Reno’s West 5001 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Royal Scot Bowling Center 4722 W. Grand River Ave.

    Sav-Mor Pharmacy 632 N. Dibble Blvd.

    Soldan’s 6201 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Spud’s Restaurant 611 S. Waverly Rd.

    Sparrow St. Lawrence Hospital 1210 W. Saginaw St.

    Sunoco 645 Menard Dr.

    Superior Growers Supply 3928 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Sushi Moto 436 Elmwood Rd.

    Tony M’s 3420 N. Creyts Rd.

    Trendsetters Salon 806 W. Thomas L Pkwy.

    Valuland 3800 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Volunteers of America 3800 W. Saginaw Hwy.

    Wash King Laundromat 516 Elmwood Ave.

    Westside YMCA 3700 Old Lansing Rd.

    Zaytoon MediterraneanGrill 940 Elmwood Ave.

    Old Town & Lansing Northeast

    American Eagle Superstore 901 N. Larch St.

    Biggby 750 N. Cedar St.

    Cannaisseur 3200 N. East St.

    Cosmos 611 E. Grand River Ave.

    Cristo Rey Community Center 1717 N. High St.

    Elderly Instruments 1100 S. Washington Ave.

    Esquire 1250 Turner St.

    Golden Harvest 1625 Turner St.

    Grand River CACS Head Start 1107 E. Grand River Ave.

    Groovy Donuts 3054 E. Lake Lansing Rd.

    Jerry’s Hairport 4613 N. Grand River Ave.

    LaSenorita 2706 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Kamp Bo 2220 N. Larch St.

    Key West 1500 W. Lake Lansing Rd.

    MEAT Southern BBQ 1224 N. Turner St.

    Metro Retro 304 E. Grand River Ave.

    Michigan Press Association 827 N. Washington Ave.

    Mijos Diner 5131 N. Grand River Ave.

    NCG Cinemas - Eastwood - 2500 Showtime Dr.

    Newsbox Grand River & Turner, NW Corner

    Newsbox Grand River E. of Turner

    Newsbox Washington & Grand River

    Old Town Diner 516 E. Grand River Ave.

    Old Town Main Street 1232 N. Turner St.

    Old Town Medical Arts Bldg. 1106 N. Cedar St.

    Olympic Broil 1320 N. Grand River Ave.

    Ozone Brewhouse 305 Beaver St.

    Piazzano’s 1825 N. Grand River Ave.

    Preuss Pets 1127 N. Cedar St.

    Puff N Stuff 229 W. Grand River Ave.

    Reno’s North 16460 S. US 27

    Schuler Books 2820 Towne Centre Blvd, Eastwood

    Sir Pizza 201 E. Grand River Ave.

    Spiral 1247 Center St.

    Su Casa 1041 N. Cedar St.

    Thailand 401 E. Grand River Ave.

    Tony Sacco’s Pizza – Eastwood - 2328 Showtime Dr.

    Zoobies 611 E. Grand River Ave.

    State Government

    Capitol Commons Office Bldg 400 S. Pine St.

    Constitution Hall 515 W. Allegan St.

    Hannah Building 607 W. Allegan St.

    News Box Pine/Allegan SE Corner

    Ottawa Building 611 W. Allegan St.

    Romney Building 111 S. Capitol Ave (4th Floor)

    State Capitol Building 100 Capitol Ave.

    State Library of Michigan 717 W. Allegan St.

    Transportation Dept. 425 Ottawa St.

    Treasury Building 430 W. Allegan St.

    East Lansing

    7-11 311 Grove St.

    Amtrak Station 1240 S. Harrison Rd.

    Archives Bookshop 517 W. Grand River Ave.

    Big Apple Bagels 248 E. Saginaw Hwy.

    Biggby 3499 E. Lake Lansing Rd.

    Biggby 2250 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Biggby 4480 Hagadorn Rd.

    Biggby 270 W. Grand River Ave.

    Biggby 1429 W. Saginaw St.

    Big 10 Party Store 1108 E. Grand River Ave.

    Bell's Pizza 1135 E. Grand River Ave.

    Black Cat Bistro 115 Albert Ave.

    Broad Art Museum 547 E. Circle Dr.

    Burcham Hills Retirement Community 2700 Burcham Dr.

    Campus Corner 501 E. Grand River Ave.

    Castle Point Apartments 3075 Endenhall Way

    Coral Gables 2838 E. Grand River Ave.

    Cottage Inn Pizza 615 E. Grand River Ave.

    Curious Book Shop 307 E. Grand River Ave.

    East Lansing City Hall 410 Abbot Rd.

    East Lansing Food Co-op 4960 Northwind Dr.

    EllisonBrewing 4903 Dawn Ave.

    Espresso Royale 527 E. Grand River Ave.

    Everyday Restaurant 1375 E. Grand River Ave.

    Fieldhouse 213 Albert Ave.

    Flat, Black and Circular 541 E. Grand River Ave.

    Foods for Living 2655 E. Grand River Ave.

    Fresh Thyme 940 Trowbridge Rd.

    Golden Wok 2755 E. Grand River Ave.

    Gourmet Chinese 4790 Hagadorn Rd.

    Georgio's Pizza 120 Charles St.

    Georgio’s Pizza 1010 E. Grand River Ave.

    Grand Traverse Pie Co. 1403 E. Grand River Ave.

    Hannah Community Center 819 Abbot Rd.

    Hannah’s Koney Island 4790 S. Hagadorn Rd.

    Hobie’s Cafe and Pub 930 Trowbridge Rd.

    HopCat 300 Grove St.

    IHOP 2771 E. Grand River Ave.

    Ing-Credible 1500 W. Lake Lansing Rd.

    Jersey Mike's 551 E. Grand River Ave.

    Jonna’s-2-Go 210 Michigan Ave.

    Kiosk Grand River E of MAC

    Kroger 1550 W. Lake Lansing Rd.

    LCC East 2827 Eyde Pkwy.

    Leo’s Coney Island 333 Albert Ave.

    Lodges of East Lansing 2700 Hannah Blvd.

    East Lansing Library 950 Abbot Rd.

    Marriott 300 M.A.C. Ave.

    Meijer 1350 W. Lake Lansing Rd.

    Menna's Joint 115 Albert Ave.

    Michigan Athletic Club 2900 Hannah Blvd.

    MSU Clinical Center 804 Service Rd.

    MSU Cyclotron Lab 640 S. Shaw Ln.

    MSUFCU 3777 West Rd.

    MSUFCU 523 E. Grand River Ave.

    MSUFCU 4825 E. Mt. Hope

    Newsbox Abbot & Grand River

    Newsbox Division & Grand River

    Newsbox Grand River & Collingwood

    Newsbox 135 E. Grand River (in front of Ned’s Bookstore)

    Newsbox Charles & Grand River (in front of Starbucks)

    Newsbox 541 E. Grand River (in front of Chipotles)

    Peanut Barrel 521 E. Grand River Ave.

    Pita Pit 219 E. Grand River Ave.

    East Lansing Post Office 1140 Abbot Rd.

    Quality Dairy 808 E. Michigan Ave.

    Quizno’s 2250 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Record Lounge 111 Division

    Red Cedar Cafe 1331 E. Grand River Ave.

    Red Haven 4480 S Hagadorn Rd.

    Reno’s East 1310 Abbot Rd.

    Rice Kitchen 551 E. Grand River Ave.

    Sir Pizza 1500 W. Lake Lansing Rd.

    Stateside Deli 3552 Meridian Crossing

    Suburban Ice Arena 2810 Hannah Blvd.

    Sultan's 4790 S. Hagadorn Rd.

    Tin Can 313 E. Grand River Ave.

    Tom's Party Store 2778 E. Grand River Ave.

    Whole Foods 2750 E. Grand River Ave.

    Woody's Oasis 1050 Trowbridge Rd.


    Comm. Arts & Sciences Building 404 Wilson Rd.

    IM West 393 Chestnut Rd.

    International Center 427 N. Shaw Ln.

    Kellogg Center 219 S. Harrison Rd.

    Kresge Art Museum 600 Auditorium Rd.

    MSU Clinical Center 804 Service Rd.

    MSU Cyclotron Lab 640 S. Shaw Ln.

    MSU Law College 648 N. Shaw Ln.

    MSU Museum 409 W. Circle Dr.

    MSUFCU 4825 E. Mt. Hope Rd.

    MSUFCU inside Student Union 49 Abbot Rd.

    MSU Student Union 49 Abbot Rd.

    Olds Hall 408 W. Circle Dr.

    Olin Health Center 463 E. Circle Dr.

    Owen Grad Center 735 E. Shaw Ln.

    South Case Hall 842 Chestnut

    Wharton Center 750 E. Shaw Ln.

    Grand Ledge

    Biggby 914 Charlevoix Dr.

    Bridge & Main 219 N. Bridge St.

    Cancun Mexican Grill 300 S. Bridge St.

    Meijer 730 E. Saginaw Hwy.

    News box at Post Office 124 E. Jefferson St.

    Sophia’s House of Pancakes 1010 Charlevoix St.

    Okemos & Haslett:

    Best Buy 2020 W. Grand River Ave.

    Biggby 1602 Haslett Rd., Haslett

    Biggby 4756 Marsh Rd.

    Big Ten Party Store 2950 E. Jolly Rd.

    Blondie’s Bar 5640 Marsh Rd.

    Buddie’s Pub & Grill 1937 W. Grand River Ave.

    China Express 1630 Haslett Rd.

    Cottage Inn Pizza 1743 W. Grand River Ave.

    Dusty's Cellar 1839 W. Grand River Ave.

    Famous Taco 1637 Haslett Rd.

    Grand Traverse Pie Co. 3536 Meridian Crossing

    Haslett Library 1590 Franklin St.

    Kellie’s Consignments 5000 Marsh Rd., Okemos

    Kroger 4884 Marsh Rd.

    Mayfair Bar 1585 Lake Lansing Rd.

    Meijer 2055 W. Grand River Ave.

    Meridian Twp Hall 5151 Marsh Rd.

    Mert's Meats 1870 W. Grand River Ave.

    MSUFCU 1775 Central Park Dr.

    MSUFCU 2300 Jolly Rd.

    MSUFCU 16861 Marsh Rd.

    Okemos Library 4321 Okemos Rd.

    Okemos Post Office 2025 Central Park Dr.

    Ozzy's Kabob 3536 Meridian Crossing

    Parkwood Branch YMCA 2306 Haslett Rd.

    Persis Indian Grill 3536 Meridian Crossing

    Rite Aid 1589 Haslett Rd.

    Schuler Books 1982 W. Grand River

    Soldan’s 1802 W. Grand River Ave.

    Spagnuolo's 662 W. Grand River Ave.

    Staybridge Suites 3553 Meridian Crossing

    Tom's Food Center 1619 W. Grand River Ave.

    Vine & Brew 2311 Jolly Rd.

    Walgreens 2131 W Grand River Ave.

    Watershed Tavern & Grill 5965 Marsh Rd.

    Woody's Oasis 2398 Jolly Rd.


    Coffee Barrel 2237 Aurelius Rd.

    Delhi Cafe 4625 Willoughby Rd.

    Holt Heritage Village 5075 Willoughby Rd.

    Holt Library 2078 Aurelius Rd.

    Kroger 2495 Cedar St.

    Ram's Corner Store 4509 Willoughby Rd.

    Stratford Place 2835 Cedar Park Dr.

    Tim Hortons/Coldstone 2350 S. Cedar St.


    Antiques Market of Williamston 2991 Williamston Rd.

    Blue Button Bakery 146 W. Grand River Ave.

    Ellie’s Country Kitchen 130 E. Grand River Ave.

    Gracie’s Place 151 S. Putnam St.

    Groovy Donuts 313 W. Grand River Ave.

    Merindorf Meats 500 Williamston Center Rd.

    Old Nation Brewing 1500 E. Grand River Ave.

    Tavern 109 109. E Grand River Rd.

    Williamston Library 201 School St.

    Williamston Post Office 1295 E. Grand River Ave.

    Williamston Theatre 122 S. Putnam St.


    Aurelius Twp. Library 1939 S. Aurelius

    Bad Brewing Co. 440 S. Jefferson St.

    Big Boy 660 N. Cedar St.

    Goodwill 556 N. Cedar St.

    Ingham Co. Courthouse 341 S. Jefferson St.

    Mason Chamber of Commerce 148 E. Ash St.

    Mason Library 145 W. Ash St.

    Meijer 550 Hull Rd.

    MSUFCU 1133 S. Cedar St.

    Vault Deli 368 S. Jefferson

    DeWitt & DeWitt Township:

    Biggby 13181 Schavey Rd.

    Biggby (Inside Meijer) 12821 Crossover

    DeWitt Library 13101 Schavey Rd.

    Draft House 12449 Old U.S. 27

    Flapjack 12800 Old U.S. 27

    Mega Mall 15487 Old U.S. 27

    Meijer 12821 Crossover Dr.

    Priority Auto Body 11401 Old U.S. 27

    Relli's Italian Restaurant 202 E. Main St.

    Soldan’s 12288 Old US-27

    US Post Office 901 S. Bridge St.

    YMCA 13151 Schavey Rd.

    Eaton Rapids

    Eaton Rapids Public Library 220 Main St.

    Family Fare Quick Stop 1415 S. Main St.

    Family Fare Supermarket 1411 S. Main St.


    Biggby 504 Lansing St.

    Coffee Bean & Franks Party Store 117 E. Lansing Rd.

    Cork & Bottle 324 S. Cochran Ave.

    Eaton County Health Dept. 1033 HealthCare Dr.

    Family Dollar 515 E. Lansing Rd.

    Frank’s Food Mart 311 Lansing Rd.

    Jet’s Pizza 504 Lansing St.

    Little Caesars 515 Lansing St.

    Meijer 1167 E. Clinton Trail

    MSUFCU 180 High St.

    Soldan’s 515 Lansing Rd.

    Top Buffet 515 Lansing St.


    Carl's Grocery 142 East Rd.

    Dorothy Hull Library 405 W. Jefferson St.

    Fireside Grille 6951 Lansing Rd.

    JB’s Party Store 105 N. Bridge St.

    Main Street Pizza 133 N. Bridge St.

    Rick's Family Barber Shop 111 N. Bridge St.

    State Secondary Complex 7150 Harris Dr.


    2 Fers Pizza/Party Store 103 E. Grand River Rd.

    ALDI – factory 2625 N. M-52

    Applegate Insulation 1000 Highview Dr.

    Fool’s Gold Saloon 108 W. Grand River Ave.

    MS Factory 1101 Highview Dr.

    S.K.Y. Corporation 901 Highview Dr.

    US Post Office 216 W. Grand River Rd.

    Village Drug Shop 113 W. Grand River Ave.

    Webberville Library 115 S. Main St.


    Dansville Library 1379 E. Mason St.


    Leslie Library 201 Pennsylvania St.


    Stockbridge Library 200 Wood St.