March 16 2010 12:00 AM

Local musicians and DJs unite for a wide-ranging fundraising event

“Sounds of
Relief” will be heard all through the Old Town Temple Building in Lansing with
a wide range of music from rock to hip-hop to electronic in an event to benefit
relief efforts in Haiti.

started out as a modestly sized event sponsored by Lansing Electronic Artist
Kollective and other organizations has turned into an eight-hour night of music
from 6 p.m.-2 a.m Friday, March 19.

“We started to piece
together more and more people to really get this thing flying,” said Dean Cue
of Kurrent Productions, who helped organize the event and is also acting as
disc jockey. “As more people were interested in doing something and the ability
and motivation came to make this even bigger, it has turned into something very

The event
consists of two shows, the first featuring live local and high school bands,
including Catalina Wine Mixer and 10 to Impact, and the second featuring local
DJs such as Beatloaf and DiscoGirlfriend for attendees 18 years and older.

“The event
is musically all across the board,” Cue said. “It shows the collective effort
going into it.”

McKeel of Global Exchange helped spark the idea for the event and experienced first-hand
the collaborative efforts involved.

“It’s been
really cool to work with people with such different backgrounds and working
with all these different artists,” McKeel said.

The event
is part of a two-week campaign with Global Exchange and the Energy Action
Coalition called “Define Our Decade.” This national campaign is hosting events
with environmental groups all over the country calling out for clean energy and
sustainability, and “Sounds of Relief” is one of these events.

proceeds will be donated to Partners in Help, an organization that has been
working in Haiti for over 10 years.

“I know
[the money] is going to be used the way we’d like it to be used,” Cue said.
“It’s not a quick fix, but sustainable growth economically, health-wise and educationally.”

The goal
of “Sounds of Relief” is local and national impact through a night of music and
donating to a lasting cause in Haiti.

going beyond immediate relief to a long-lasting infrastructure,” McKeel said.
“We want to support sustainable solutions that you can see along with helping
other countries.”

for “Sounds of Relief” can be purchased at and
can also be purchased at the door.