March 17 2010 12:00 AM

Gallery opens in new location



East Lansing gallery Mackerel Sky reopened its doors March 12 after moving locations.

The move from 217 Ann St. to 211 M.A.C. Ave. provided owners Tom and Linda Dufelmeier with 300 square feet of extra space for their gallery.

“The new location is wider and larger,” Tom Dufelmeier said. “It’s better and roomier and has allowed us to do some things that will keep the place fresh.”

These adjustments include new display arrangements and more color.

“The atmosphere is nicer than the other location,” he said.

More foot traffic passing by the gallery’s windows is another bonus.

The new location also includes fluorescent lighting and 100-percent recyclable carpet.

“We are trying to be as green as possible,” he said.

Prompting the move was a soon-tobe expired lease and the promise of being around for years to come with a renewed 10-year lease at the new location.

The goal was to be closed for only three days and reopen on March 10, but it turned out to be two days longer than planned.

“There’s always buzz with any kind of change,” Dufelmeier said, and Mackerel Sky was no exception. “Excitement was generated with coming to see the new place.”

Mackerel Sky will celebrate its 20th anniversary this August.