April 9 2010 12:00 AM

Brandon Joseph now makes his home in Chicago

residing in Chicago, East Lansing
native Brandon Joseph — also known as DJ Rock City — will have a homecoming at Club Rush this weekend.

Rock City has worked at many celebrity parties in the Windy City, including Johnny Depp’s film premiere for “Public Enemies” and events for Kanye West. He
has also worked on remixes for artists like Ke$ha and Justin Timberlake.

one of the go-to DJs in Chicago, which I’m fortunate enough to say,” Joseph
said. “If there’s a big party in Chicago, I’m there.”

Joseph will bring the party, sponsored by Dragon Bleu Vodka, to East Lansing this
Saturday night at Club Rush, 131 Albert Ave.

had people blasting it out to everyone including all the sororities,” he said.
“We’re expecting a huge turnout.”

DJ Rock City's start time is still to be announced. Club Rush can be reached at (517) 333-4040.