May 27 2010 12:00 AM

Theater company ends its run this weekend

In Greek mythology, the ambitious Icarus flew too close to
the sun and melted his wings of wax. The theater company Icarus Falling, which
took its name from the ill-fated aviator, has come to its end as well —
although its demise is not the fault of the sun.

“Most simply, it’s a matter of taking a look at the
logistics and accoutrements that go into putting together another
season, and we decided it’s time to close that chapter and move on to something
different,” said Icarus artistic director and co-founder Jeff Croff.

Croff and Daryl Thompson launched Icarus in the fall of
2000, with a production of Sam Shepard’s “True West.” In the seasons since, the
company has produced 34 shows, including their current offering, Shepard’s “The
Late Henry Moss,” which opened last weekend. Its final performances on Friday
and Saturday will be the company’s curtain call as well.

Croff and his Icarus partners are “definitely not getting
away from doing theater,” he said. “But we’d all rather focus on making the shows
really good rather than keeping up appearances” as a theater company.

“Certainly, there becomes a time commitment just maintaining
the organization, beyond any single production.”

Icarus Falling had been using Studio 1210 as a performance
space recently, but was in the process of looking for a new homebase, Croff

Croff has already agreed to work with Spotlight Players in
Dearborn on its fall production of the Neil Simon comedy “Proposals.”

“At this point, there aren’t a lot of other cohesive plans,”
he said. “Everyone’s always working on other projects anyway, and I’m sure that
will continue.

“Certainly, this is not to imply you won’t see any of us
again — it’s just a matter of refocusing.”

Falling’s production of “The Late Henry Moss” is being performed at 8 p.m.
Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29 at Studio 1210, 1210 Turner Street in
Lansing. Tickets are $10 ($5 for IF "virgins" who
ve never been to an Icarus
show before). For more information, call (517) 898-1679 or visit