June 16 2010 12:00 AM

Tracy a treasure

Thank you, Bill Castanier, for your article calling attention to the “treasure trove” available in the Special Collections library at MSU. I wish to offer one addendum.

While you briefly mentioned the extensive and important holdings in LGBT materials, a specific shout out is warranted for the pioneering work of the late Anne Tracy, a columnist for City Pulse before her death in 2003. As bibliographer in MSU’s Special Collections for over thirty years, Anne diligently gathered queer publications and ephemera, including impressive early titles related to the transgender community, amassing one of the finest LGBT collections in Michigan.

Anne helped safeguard an archival legacy crucial to remembering a past too often ignored or maligned.

—Tim Retzloff
New Haven, Connecticut

Cheers for Alkon

I just had to respond to Katelyn Dinkgrave’s letter to the editor, in which she wondered whether any readers of your paper ever write in to you saying they enjoy Amy Alkon’s column, "Ask the Advice Goddess."

Like Ms. Dinkgrave, I, too, believe that your publication is fantastic; however, in my humble opinion, one of the key reasons it is fantastic is because of Ms. Alkon’s presence in it. She is by far the most enjoyable, entertaining, deliciously blunt, and spot-on accurate advice columnist I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, and I say this as a voracious student of human nature and someone whose chief delight in reading newspapers and magazines is invariably found in their advice columns. Thank you, Lansing City Pulse, for bringing us Amy Alkon!

— Christine Aiello

Through the past fondly

The latest edition of City Pulse (June 2) is the best ever, no kiddin.’ There was never anything like that era of 60’s garage bands ... . I know — I was in The Concussions from 1966 to 1969. We performed alongside Cub Koda and the fledgling Brownsville Station and Wilson Mower Pursuit (with Shaun Murphy).

—John "Jukebox Johnny" Robinson

I really enjoyed the cover article by Rich Tupica on Lansing bands in the 1960s. I grew up in Detroit and saw a ton of garage bands down there (Bob Seger in Livonia) so it was really interesting to read about the Lansing early rock scene. Good research and graphics and wellwritten article.

—William Pettit

Schor rebuttal

Andy Schor is once again trying to tell people what to think instead of providing the facts and/or documents to substantiate his rhetoric, and letting the voter decide for themselves. I am his opponent, and Mr. Schor, probably due to his youth, does not always tell the whole story and wants things his way. One of the reasons I refused his plea to not run against him. Voters in this district should also know he is planning on moving out of this district after he fools them into giving him one more term.

Bottom line on the raise issue is, the county controller came back to the Board of Commissioners with a recommendation to eliminate raises the commission wanted, and to lower 2010 raise to 2 percent, from the original 2.5 percent. Some on the board are still interested in a 1 percent for 2011, and 2012. This is, of course, taxpayer money. Taxpayers are experiencing challenging economic times. It is arrogance and self-indulgence to accept or propose any kind of gratuity that is at the expense of county residents. Schor is suppose to serve the 5th district residents, but gives, or says he does, his raise to the county.

I have lived in the fifth district for six months, and plan on staying. I have lived in Lansing many more years than my opponent. I have also served on the Lansing Neighborhood Council for the past year and a half. Schor has never been to our meetings, never saw him at any "Bea Christy" dinners, and what meetings I have attended where he is, he stays 15 to 20 minutes and leaves? Voters deserve a full time commissioner not one who works them into his schedule.

— Kenneth Peterson Lansing

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