June 16 2010 12:00 AM

Local theater honored at 2010 Pulsar Awards



The Michigan Princess was transformed into a kind of “starship” Monday, as City Pulse presented the 2010 Pulsar Awards, honoring the best in local theater. Hosts Jane Aldrich of WLNS Channel 6, and Bob Hoffman, director of public relations of the Wharton Center, presided over an evening that featured comedy, surprises and musical numbers from such nominated shows as Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s “Altar Boyz,” Riverwalk Theatre’s “Living the Dreams of My Ancestors,” Michigan State University’s productions of “The Rocky Horror Show” and “Rent” and Lansing Community College’s “Hank Williams: Lost Highway.”

The Pulsar winners were determined by ballots compiled from judges Erin Buitendorp, Mary C. Cusack, Tom Helma, Kathy Helma, Ute Von Der Heyden and Paul Wozniak, who evaluated theater productions that opened between June 2009 and mid-May 2010. The entertainment for this year’s Pulsars was coordinated by Chad Badgero, Chad DeKatch and Joe Quick.

The 2010 Pulsar winners list

Best Play: “This Wonderful Life” (WT)
Best Musical: “Altar Boyz” (PC)
Best Director — Play:
Jeff Croff, “Speed- The-Plow” (IF)
Best Director — Musical:
Chad Badgero, “Altar Boyz” (PC)
Lead Actor in a Play:
John Lepard, “This Wonderful Life” (WT)
Lead Actor in a Musical:
Derek Smith, “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” (LCC)
Lead Actress in a Play:
Amy Winchell, “Speed-The-Plow” (IF)
Lead Actress in a Musical: Jennifer Shafer, “The Rocky Horror Show” (MSU)
Supporting Actor in a Play: Mark Gmazel, “Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight” (PC)
Supporting Actor in a Musical:
Brandon Piper, “Rent” (MSU)
Supporting Actress in a Play:
Sandy Thomasson, “Enchanted April” (RW)
Supporting Actress in a Musical: Kellyn Uhl, “Rent” (MSU)
Featured Actor in a Play: Brad Rutledge, “The Seafarer” (PC)
Featured Actor in a Musical: Chad DeKatch, “Into the Woods” (RW)
Featured Actress in a Play: Piaget Ventus, “Palmer Park” (MSU)
Featured Actress in a Musical:
Laura Croff, “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” (LCC)
Ensemble — Play: “The Smell of the Kill” (WT)
Ensemble — Musical: “Altar Boys” (PC)
Music director:
Derek Smith, “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” (LCC)
Karyn Perry, “Altar Boyz” (PC)
Jeremy Winchester, “The Cider House Rules” (LCC)
Joseph Dickson, “Altar Boyz” (PC)
Set design:
Michael Wright, “American Buffalo” (LCC)
Props: Deborah Keller, “American Buffalo” (LCC)
Kristina Miller, “The Trojan Women” (MSU)
Special Award for Outstanding Special Event:
"Fahrenheit 451" (PC Young Adult Theatrelab Production)

Theater Key

IF = Icarus Falling
= Lansing Community College Theater Department
LCP = Lansing Civic Players
= Michigan State University Theatre Department
= Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.
RW = Riverwalk Theatre
= Williamston Theatre