June 23 2010 12:00 AM

Southern hospitality turns to hostility in ’The Foreigner’




How would you describe a play containing an extreme introvert, scheming Klu Klux Klan members and layers of lies?

A comedy, of course.

The Lansing Community College production of Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner” opens tonight and continues through Sunday.

"The Foreigner" follows a pathologically shy Englishman visiting a rural hunting lodge in Georgia. To avoid speaking to people, he pretends not to understand English. By remaining silent on the sidelines, he is let in on many secrets and plans, and may prove to be the key to the lodge’s survival.

The cast includes J. C. Kibbey as Englishman Charlie Baker, and Kenneth Glynn, Madeline Nash, Jason Carlen, Samantha Seybert, Andrew Bailiff and Mike Banghart.

Director Paige Dunckel said she chose to stage “The Foreigner” because she thought it would be a perfect fit for LCC’s summer program.

“I wanted to do a comedy because I think comedies are great for outdoor theater,” she said.

“Every time I read the play it made me laugh out loud. Every time I would find something different to laugh at, and I thought that would be a great play to do outside, and the audience would really like it.”

Dunckel has worked with LCC’s summer theater programs for 20 years. LCC’s Summer Stage Under the Stars has been performing for over 20 years (under its former name, Turner House Festival).

All performances are free, and take place in the campus outdoor theater on Washington Mall between Dart Auditorium and the Gannon Building.

"The Foreigner"

Community College Outdoor Amphitheatre on North Washington mall between
Dart Auditorium and the Gannon Building; rain location is Dart
Auditorium 8 p.m. tonight through Sunday Free www.lcc.edu/hpa/events (517) 483-1488