July 7 2010 12:00 AM

DJ Space spins to win at the DJ Olympics



The finals of Greater Lansing’s first City Pulse Capital City DJ Olympics were held June 26 at The Loft. An eclectic group of local house, techno and hip-hop DJs competed for the championship.

The contest began with nearly a dozen local acts the preliminary rounds, but the field had been reduced to a final three by Saturday, leaving DJ Space, DJ Skitz0 and DJ Amir to impress the crowd.

DJ Skitz0 followed opening act Rachael P, mashing high-energy sections with some old-school trademarks of scratching and synthesized textures.

DJ Space followed. His expertise shone through and he seemed to know when to step aside and let the music play to the room. A combination of tricky technical parts and popular song choices left the room wanting more.

The third finalist to step up to the stage was DJ Amir. Highlights included Beastie Boys’ "Intergalactic," which demonstrated Amir’s ability to mix technical competency with smart song choices.

Judges named DJ Space overall winner, taking home the coveted gold prize. A total of 13 trophies from four separate judging categories were handed out post-set.

Taking home gold trophies were:

• Creativity: Rod P
• Mixology: Rachael P
• Scratch Appeal:
DJ Amir
• Crowd Control:
Rachael P.