When you’re tired of saying the same old things, perhaps it’s time for a bit of “Skungpoomery.”

That’s the term used by playwright Ken Campbell to describe the process of making up offbeat names for activities that are, shall we say, unique.

Having one of those mornings when you just feel the need to slather yourself with strawberry jam and prance around in the streets? You’d be practicing the art of bunkjamjarmering.

Or perhaps you feel the urge to tickle someone’s legs with your nose; that would be a clear-cut case of shankfunherbling.

The Lansing Civic Players will add a few new entries to your dictionary when “Skungpoomery” opens Friday,. The familyfriendly comedy is directed by Ann Carlson. The cast includes Adam Carlson, Maria George, Brian Hosler, Kathryn Renaldi-Smith, Andrew Snyder, Parri Rich, Charlie Ogar, Crystal Carlson and Abigail English.


Lansing Civic Players in the Underground 2300 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 2 p.m.

Sundays July 9-18 $10 (517) 484-9115 www.lansingcivicplayers.org