July 12 2010 12:00 AM

Glam is the name of Lambert's game at Common Ground


Adam Lambert — or “Glambert,” as most pop culture addicts would call him — has moved from show tunes to “American Idol” to becoming a glittered glam-rock sensation. Known for his sequined parachute pants and sexually charged stage show, Lambert (who’ll perform Tuesday at Common Ground Music Festival) isn’t one to shy away from controversy.

“If people are really losing their minds and getting really crazy, it kind of fuels me,” he said in a phone interview last month. “It’s a lot easier for me to really get into it. Sometimes you feel friskier than other times.”

Lambert lists The Beatles, Michael Jackson and David Bowie as some of his key influences and describes his show as “mostly music from the album. Dark and mysterious. Kitschy, with lots of rhinestones, costume changes and lots of fashion to look at. Definitely glam.”

He also tries to tailor his presentation for the crowd, acknowledging “the vibe in the audience is different every night.”

Lambert’s album, “For Your Entertainment,” hit stores in November and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart. It has sold over a million copies worldwide, and features his Top 10 hit “Whataya Want From Me” and the new single, “If I Had You,” which, according to Lambert, is “very glam and not to be taken to seriously. That’s the great thing about glam-rock: It has a lightness to it, and it should make you feel like dancing.”

On “American Idol,” Lambert was celebrated for his soaring falsetto, although he’s being careful not to overwork his voice while touring.
“We’ve lowered a couple of the keys so that I know that I am sounding my best every night,” he said. “I’ve worked with a vocal coach.”

Still, he promises, “I’m not going to be lip-synching anytime soon.”

Adam Lambert performs at 9:45 p.m. Tuesday at Capitol Region International Airport Stage as part of the Common Ground Music Festival. Tickets are $32. Visit www.commongroundmusicfest.com for ticket information.