July 21 2010 12:00 AM

Be nice to Skungpoomery

Tom Helma has written an especially negative review of Lansing Civic Players’ Skungpoomery. While Helma’s review omits detail and demonstrates an apparent lack of understanding of absurdist theater, it is his opinion, and of course he is entitled to it. His vindicative and meanspirited tone, however, goes completely out of bounds for a review about a production by a civic theater group. To state the obvious, LCP is a community theater group, not a professional one; its cast and crew are unpaid, working in their spare time at an avocation they enjoy. While they undoubtedly welcome a sincere evaluation of their work, they reasonably expect it will be offered with a bit of context, that the reviewer’s critical standards and tone will take into account the nature of the production. That this simple bit of journalistic courtesy is lost on your publication is sad and a little bewildering. Reading this review I felt embarrassed for the cast and crew of Skungpoomery, but even more embarrassed for the City Pulse. I certainly hope you will revise, or at least rethink this practice.

— Jon Ritz, East Lansing

Support for Slocum

I have known Britt Slocum for more than 15 years, as both a business owner and friend. In this time, I have always found Britt to be a very honest and forthright man. As the owner of Jersey Giant Subs, Britt has been a tenant of mine for more than 10 years. Like all of us, Britt has faced some struggles during difficult economic times.

However, when times were tough, Britt never avoided his responsibilities — he always did the “right thing” and communicated with me, as his landlord. And when things are the toughest, you find out the true character of a person.

Britt has demonstrated nothing but honesty, integrity, and character when the odds seemed to be against him … and he has pulled through some difficult times as a result.

And this speaks volumes as to Britt’s true character.

I believe that Britt’s honesty, integrity, and dedication to his family and his community make him the right choice for 71st District State Representative.

— Joseph E. Gentilozzi, Grand Ledge