Sept. 1 2010 12:00 AM

How bizarre

What a bizarre letter ("There goes the neighborhood," by Kevin Webb, 8/25/10). First of all, the Old Forest Association is a residential association, not commercial, whereas Old Town Manor and Rizzi Designs are very active in the OTCA, as expected. So it seems clear that Rizzi is in the right association. Secondly, the boundaries have always been approximated — if you went "by the letter", Zoobies Old Town Tavern wasnt even "in Old Town"! Thirdly, at the time they started calling the area "Old Town" (instead of "Historic North Lansing") in the mid-90s, the School for the Blind campus was already long vacant, and remained so until Rizzi moved in. Now more people are looking into renovating buildings and construction is ongoing. Its exciting, especially for those of us who live on this block! (I certainly tell people I live in Old Town, too, btw -- who ever heard of the "Old Forest" district??) It seems clear that the only reason the campus wasnt considered part of "Old Town" by the book is because at the time, it was just an abandoned 40-acre site with no tenants. If plans continue and the Landbank gets to keep expanding the campus, bringing life and jobs and culture to the area, obviously Old Town will be thrilled to have all that extra business and visitors! But hey, what do I know. I just live here."

— dalecartwright from