Sept. 15 2010 12:00 AM

The end of eyesores

Property eyesores are a problem, which can be solved, in most cases, if a proper approach is taken.

Bureaucrats scream, money, more and more money, as if it is the cure to every, and all, problems. Money is only a tool and must be used correctly. We do not need the greed of ignorant bureaucrats to continually foul up our country. Laws are for the improvement of society, not to serve greedy.

Laws should be written to provide for our public need and curb greedy purposes. “Greed is the root of evil. The first line of the Michigan Constitution is; “All political power is inherent in the people.” MCL 211.191 can be easily upgraded to cover eyesores, which take value from a neighborhood; thereby downgrading that neighborhood.

We need to hold our representatives responsible to our service, under the Constitution and the Laws. We need to demand full service, not jut more taxation.

211.191. Sec. 1, as written today: “If an assessing officer finds that any real property or personal property under the laws of this state is not being used for the purposes for which the tax exemption is granted, the assessing officer shall place the property on the tax rolls and the property shall be subject to taxation in the same amount and to the same extent as though it had not been exempt from taxation.”

… “If a property is not being maintained to the standards of the neighborhood and is taking value form that neighborhood then the owner(s) of such property, shall be responsible for those taxes.”

Contact your representatives today with a copy of this letter. Let’s “We the People demand responsible and fair laws.

— Kenneth Fry Potterville

Free space?

Let me preface my comments. I’ve known Lance for over 20 years. I know him. I like him. I’ll likely vote for him. However, offering a candidate for office free space, weekly, until the election smacks of a campaign contribution. This is basically a contribution of ad space. City Pulse might want to look into this before they get themselves, and Lance, into trouble.

— ChancetheGardener From