Oct. 20 2010 12:00 AM

The city has lost its pulse


The City Pulse proudly proclaims that it is "A newspaper for the rest of us". When it began publishing, this seemed true, and I was delighted to see that we finally had a progressive voice in the region. But this no longer seems to be the case. In particular, I am quite weary of Kyle Melinn cheering republicans and blasting democrats in issue after issue. His recent fluff piece on Rick Snyder was sickening. I had hoped that The City Pulse might ask Mr. Snyder what he hopes to by gain spending millions to buy the governorship. Mr. Snyder’s commercials have certainly been "slick" (as one would expect with his cash reserves). But they have been short of details, proclaiming only that he will cut taxes, cut "those silly regulations", and create jobs (which he also, incorrectly, claims government cannot do). Sounds like warmed over Bush/Reagan-omics trickle-down to me. The City Pulse had an opportunity to shed light by asking serious questions. Instead, Melinn gushes about Snyder’s nerdiness, in a manner that would make Detroit Free Press republican operative Dawson Bell proud.

Since the Snyder piece was published, Melinn has continued with hit pieces against democrats. In today’s issue, he tries to paint Justice Robert Young Jr. as a victim. The City Pulse should be informing voters about Young’s abysmal record: constantly ruling for the powerful against the powerless, rule-of-law be damned. Michiganders who don’t follow closely need to be aware that Young is Scalia-light. They will not find out from Mr. Melinn.

There are few voices to balance the corporate media. I had come to expect that The City Pulse was such a voice. Until it is once again, you’ve lost this reader. If I wish to read republican talking points, I can pick up a Gannett publication.

— George Kerby, Howell