Owner: Addiann Hinds

Address: South Lansing (owner has asked not to list address)

Assessed Value: $75,700

Few, very few, Americans live in architect-designed homes. In fact, architects design less than 2 percent of American homes. You can understand why Addiann Hinds could hardly believe her luck when presented with the opportunity to buy an architect-designed home overlooking the Red Cedar River near Potter Park.

The fact that the house is a Mid-Century Modern design (see last week’s cover story) was icing on the cake for Hinds.

“I loved the modernism — it just felt like my home. I belonged in it,” she said.

Hinds is the enthusiastic owner of the house designed by Lansing architect Clarence H. Rosa. Rosa designed it for his family.

The house was built in 1950, and Hinds is only the second owner after purchasing it from Rosa’s widow. Designed to maximize views and protect it from seasonal floods, the house is built into the hillside with all living spaces located on the second level. Oriented toward the river, a uniquely angled bank of windows provides spectacular views. Filled with Rosa’s unique innovations meant to enhance his family’s quality of life, the one-of-a-kind features remind Hinds daily of her good fortune.

Does the name Clarence H. Rosa ring a bell? It should. This is the same man for whom the downtown Capital Area District Library is named.