District 1 — Northwest and west Lansing, Lansing Township

Neal Alan Barncard (R)

Age: 51 | Occupation: Civil engineering technician | Barncard lost against incumbent Victor Celentino in the 2008 election, but was later appointed to a spot on the Environmental Affairs Committee by Celentino.

Victor Celentino (D) — incumbent

Age: 45 | Occupation: Special education teacher at Dwight Rich Middle School | Celentino is board vice chairman
and a member of the County Services and Law Enforcement committees. He is seeking a sixth term.

District 2 — North Lansing

Apryl Miller (R)

Age: 31 | Occupation: Student | Miller opposes the special assessment millages for out-county police services and believes the county should be responsible for those.

Debbie DeLeon (D) — incumbent

Age: 56 | Occupation: Retired | DeLeon, the board’s chairwoman, is seeking her sixth term.

District 3 — East side of Lansing and a portion of Lansing Township 

David C. Irons (R)

Age: 56 | Occupation: Building consultant; director of the Lansing Educational Coalition | Irons’ main goal is to see county government run like a business, he said.

Brian McGrain (D) — incumbent

Age: 33 | Occupation: Associate director, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan. | McGrain is seeking his second term, chairs the Human Services Committee and sits on County Services Committee.

District 4 — Central Lansing 

Jennifer L. Smith (R)

Age: 38 | Occupation: Student | Smith defeated Vickie Niklas in the August primary. Her focus, if elected, is on “ensuring the safety, continuation of critical services, and future economic viability of Ingham County,” she wrote in an e-mail.

Rebecca Bahar-Cook (D) — incumbent

Age: 40 | Occupation: Vice president, Capitol Fundraising Associates | Bahar-Cook is seeking her third term. She sits on the Judiciary and Finance committees.

District 5 — Southeast Lansing

Chris Christensen (R)

Age: 32 | Occupation: Contractual legal services for Schram, Behan & Behan in Okemos | A recent graduate
of Cooley Law School, Christensen’s main concern is bringing jobs back to Michigan.

Andy Schor (D) — incumbent

Age: 35 | Occupation: Assistant director for State Affairs, Michigan Municipal League | Schor, who was first elected in 2002, is seeking his fifth term. He defeated Kenneth Peterson in the August primary.

District 6 — Southwest Lansing

Ellamaya Artis (R)

Age: 41 | Occupation: Advancement coordinator, MSU College of Law | Artis, a Gulf War veteran, vows she is not a “career politician” nor will she vote “straight party lines” every time.

Dale Copedge (D) — incumbent

Age: 54 | Occupation: Environmental engineer, Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth | Copedge has served since 2005, chairs the County Services Committee and sits on the Law Enforcement committee.

District 7 — South Lansing

Robert Kerr (R)

Age: 49 | Occupation: Computer technician, MSU | Kerr wants to see “essential county services back at the top of list. And not using those services as a tool to threaten tax raises from residents,” he said.

Todd Tennis (D) — incumbent
Age: 40 | Occupation: Partner at Capitol Services, Inc. | Tennis is seeking his third term. He sits on Human Services and Finance committees.

District 8 — East Lansing neighborhoods west of Abbot Road and portions of the MSU campus

Brian K. Mishler (R)
Age: 43 | Occupation: Special education teacher, Portland Public Schools | For Mishler, working across party lines is his most important issue, considering the 13-3 super majority, he said.

Penelope Tsernoglou (D) — incumbent

Age: 31 | Occupation: Attorney, manager at Practical Political Consulting | Tsernoglou narrowly won
the seat in a special election, defeating Democratic favorite Bob Alexander with effective canvassing on the MSU campus.

District 9 — Northeast East Lansing and northwest Meridian Township

Robert W. Batchelor (R)
Age: 50 | Occupation: Student | Batchelor defeated Owen Blank in the August primary. He wants to improve
business-friendly conditions, restore an “open and transparent” government and maintain recreational opportunities in the county, he wrote in an e-mail.

Carol N. Koenig (D) — incumbent

Age: 46 | Occupation: Attorney; past president of Lansing branch of American Civil Liberties Union | Koenig was elected in 2008, carrying 72 percent of the vote, and is seeking her second term.

District 10 — Central and southern East Lansing; MSU campus

Nick Kowalski (R)

Age: 19 | Occupation: Student | Kowalski wants to restore a “pro-business” environment and supports Michigan becoming a right-to-work state.

Mark Grebner (D) — incumbent

Age: 57 | Occupation: Political Consultant | Longtime commissioner Grebner ran for a seat in 1974 and lost, won in 1976 and has held office from 1977 to 1980 and since 1985.

District 11 — Northern Meridian Township

George Nastas III (R)
Age: 66 | Occupation: Retired | Nastas believes the two main things the board should focus on are public safety funding and transparency.

Dianne Holman (D) — incumbent

Age: 59 | Occupation: Business owner/manager and civil engineer | Holman served eight years on the Meridian Township Park Commission and two years on the Ingham County Park Board. and currently is in her fourth term on the Board of Commissioners.

District 12 — Southern Meridian Township 

Shawn Adair (R)
Age: 45 | Occupation: Owner, Adair Co. | Adair said being a small business owner could bring a new perspective to the board. He has concerns about project labor agreements and wants to prioritize essential county services.

Deb Nolan (D) — incumbent
Age: 61 | Occupation: Special education teacher, Lansing School District | Nolan is seeking her fourth term. She chairs the Judiciary Committee and sits on the Human Services Committee.

District 14 — Alaiedon, Wheatfield, Ingham and Bunker Hill townships 

Steve Dougan (R) — incumbent

Age: 60 | Occupation: Insurance agent | Dougan is vice chairperson pro-tem seeking his fourth term on the board. He also sits on the Finance and Judiciary committees.

Liz Kranz (D)

Age: 38 | Occupation: Communications analyst, state House of Representatives; freelance graphic designer | “The budget is in pretty sorry shape. Families are cutting back and governments should too,” Kranz said.

District 15 — Delhi and Aurelius townships 

Vince Dragonetti (R)

Age: 63 | Occupation: Financial educator | On balancing budgets, Dragonetti wrote in an e-mail: “I don’t
have the magic pill on this. If I did, I would share it and all 15 other Commissioners would gladly love me to let them in on it…”

Karen Dravenstatt-Moceri (D)

Age: 56 | Occupation: Retired | Dravenstatt- Moceri worked for 32 years in the healthcare industry. This is her first time running for an elected position.