(Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th District. This column is unedited.)

With the election drawing near, our grass roots supporters have increasingly gained momentum with a goal to continue the positive changes that have started thanks to strong Democratic leadership. They know that revisiting the Bush/Cheney years is unthinkable. We cannot afford to put the car in reverse; we need to keep it moving forward in drive!

   Next Tuesday is pivotal. When you are standing in front of your ballot, getting ready to place a check in front of Lance Enderle or Mike Rogers, you need to take a breath, and ask yourself one important question; "Who will bring jobs to Michigan?"

   In the first eight months of this year we’ve seen private sector jobs created at a pace never equaled during the eight years of the Bush/Cheney/Mike Rogers era. Democrats are solely responsible for this job creation in spite of Republican’s kicking and screaming, and their attempts to block any measure brought before them. Sadly, Michigan still lags behind.  It’s time for new representation.

   Michigan has always been the home of the working class--the everyday common people who build and manufacture products, and provide needed services. We have always been the shining beacon of everything this country is about--the American Dream.

   Once again, we are left to mop up the problems the last administration left behind, but it will take more than the two previous years to clean up eight years of disastrous policies. We need to continue to fix these problems, and a  leader that gives a voice to the everyday worker. I will be your voice in Washington.

   We need to manufacture products right here in Michigan--products for which there is a demand. Then, jobs will be created. Supply side economics have been proven to be a failed economic theory which only works in the short term at best. We’re living that proof daily.

   Once we repeal NAFTA, and replace Free Trade with Fair Trade, our companies will be able to compete on a level playing field with China, and any number of overseas competitors. This will encourage investors to manufacture products and provide services that will put our people back to work. When people are working, demand for products rise because people have wages to spend--creating more demand, which creates more jobs.

   We need to stop Mike Rogers and his quest to get rid of the minimum wage. We don’t want our workers to envy third world countries whose employees earn two or three dollars a day. We don’t want to regress into the days of slave wages without employer benefits.

   The United States was built on the backs of the workers--people worked hard to carve out a decent life for themselves and their families, knowing that in their latter years, they could enjoy the fruits of their years of labor. They made this country great, and only they can save it again.

   If you put me in congress, my first priority will be to push measures that will get Michigan back to work. I’ll stay in touch with the citizens of Michigan so I’ll know firsthand what is really happening on the streets in my district.

   I’ll never take a dime of PAC money from any special interest, and therefore, I’ll never owe them a favor at the expense of the voters. Once you vote me in, I’ll owe you every action I carry out in Congress.

   You have the power to raise Michigan up to the heights that we are capable of achieving. It starts next Tuesday when you’re standing if front of your ballot.