Nov. 3 2010 12:00 AM

Snow ordinance is enslavement

Customers at Lou’s barbershop at 521 E Gr. River in old town along with other businesses are upset with Lansing’s snow clearing ordinance, with its $116 fine. The sidewalks are city and for public use. It smacks of outright mandatory enslavement, which our forefathers fought to end. In many cases there will be extending circumstances, which will only be recognized if one is a member of the bureaucratic click!

The people have the right, and the power, to amend the ordinance for something more fair and equal. It will take approx. 4,500 signatures; 9,000 signatures to be safe and effective. Our bureaucrats sure do love slavery and loading their pockets in the process, at taxpayers’ expense.

If enough people stop by the barbershop and give me their impute, I will help them amend the ordinance to get the job done in a more fair and equal matter.

— Kenneth Fry, Potterville

Appreciated endorsements

Thank you for your article (“Endorsements,” 10/27/10). I have been hiding all my life, keeping my secret. I’m one of those dreaded Transgendered people. I was born Intersexed. We are a gender diverse people that live in a world that demands pink and blue binary gender. But for some reason God put some of us in the middle. I don’t know why. There are people trying to gain votes by denying the Transgendered our rights to health care and consistent identity documentation. It is a bit overwhelming that someone would want to gain from our medical issues. Please remember to vote the back of the ballot as a strait ticket vote will not cast your vote for the Judges. Please remember Davis, Denise and Jocelyn on Tuesday.

— JP, From