Nov. 4 2010 12:00 AM

Local politician hospitalized but feeling “much better”

This story was updated Nov. 4. Please see a note below from Bob Alexander regarding this story.

Bob Alexander, who was twice the Democratic nominee for the 8th District U.S. House of Representatives against Republican Mike Rogers, was released from Sparrow Hospital Wednesday after being there for more than a week. His condition is still unknown, he said.

“I have a 30-member medical team, and no one’s telling me anything,” he said Tuesday.

However, that’s not slowing him down. “I’m much better than I was a week ago — I’d like to head back home within a week,” he added.

Alexander challenged Rogers in 2004 and 2008, helped lead a local petition drive to increase Michigan’s minimum wage and worked to extend health care coverage for the nearly 30,000 Ingham County residents without it. He ran unsuccessfully for Ingham County commissioner this year. He lives in East Lansing.

Alexander turned 66 on Sunday. He grew up in Berkley, Mich., and got his bachelor’s in American history from the University of Michigan in 1966, followed by a master’s in teaching from Wayne State University in 1970. He spent time in rural India as an agricultural adviser for the Peace Corps between those degrees. He came to Lansing in 1979 to work in the Legislature.

Alexander said he is accepting cellphone calls but is only calling four to five people per day.

“I’m prioritizing all of my energy on getting healthy,” he said.

Asked if the projected Republican wave in this year’s election was any detriment to his health, Alexander said he is “very hopeful.”

“We have a lot of good local candidates,” he said.

Thursday, Nov. 4 — From Bob Alexander: I am personally devastated by the statements I made to Andy Balaskovitz re: my treatment at Sparrow Hospital. Your November 3 article accurately reflects what I said, but does not accurately reflect the sharing of information with us by the Sparrow Hospital medical team. When I talked with you on the telephone, due to my medical condition I was very tired. As a result, I made the following misstatement to you:

"I have a thirty member medical team, and no one's telling me anything," he said Tuesday.

An accurate statement is that during my 9-day hospitalization at Sparrow Hospital, the multi-disciplinary team working on my case conducted extensive testing and numerous medical procedures to diagnose the cause of my symptoms. As test results were available, Julie and I were immediately and continually informed, and the results were explained and discussed thoroughly and in detail with us. The care I received was outstanding, and we are very impressed with the medical expertise of the Sparrow team and staff.

While the tests have eliminated many causes, a diagnosis has not been made, but we continue to remain optimistic. Thankfully, I am now at home and my condition continues to improve.