March 20 2013 12:00 AM

1039 N. Cedar St., Lansing, M-F Noon-7 p.m. and Sat Noon-6 p.m. (517) 481-5264

Earlier this year in what seemed like a logical step, Victoria, original owner and operator of SuCasa since 1974, turned the home behind the head shop into one of Lansing’s newest medical marijuana dispensaries, Club Med-a-Sin. Membership is $20 annually and is handled through the head shop.

At the club, members are greeted at the door, signed in, verified and seated in one of the comfy couches in the front room where they can read from a selection of marijuana-related material, or try to eye-out some of the smoking accessories that latently decorate the room. Victoria personally dispenses her medicinal products to members.

Club Med-a-Sin offers medicinal grade marijuana and baked goods, or medibles, which contain marijuana-infused butter, or cannabutter. The selection of marijuana typically ranges from five to 10 strains, at $15 per gram for most strains and $20 per gram for the most potent.

Lemon Haze, a sativa-dominant strain at $15 per gram, had dense, bright green buds coated with trichomes and bright amber pistils. It had a distinct citrus smell and taste, indicative of proper curing for this strain. It provided a clean, relaxing high after the initial blow from the indica in it’s genes.

The Blue Cheese, a sativa/indica hybrid at $20 per gram, was a little fluffier than the Lemon Haze. It was darker with tints of purple, had plenty of trichomes and a pungent blue cheese smell. The buds were a bit dry and a little harsh out of anything other than a water pipe or vaporizer. But it gave a lasting, sleepy, head and body buzz after only two hits. Both strains were very good overall, and Victoria is glad to recommend a strain depending on a member’s needs.

The Club also carries a tasty line of sweets and baked goods, priced between $4 and $8. Samples are always out for display. Candy pieces and suckers are great for minor aches and pains and come in assorted flavors. The baked goods and other sweets provide a soothing, sedative-like effect, great for a bedtime snack. Potency can vary from treat to treat, but given the time to work, they do the job.

Club Med-a-Sin is a definite departure from most behind-the-case dispensaries, and is a fitting neighbor to “The Unique Boutique.” The membership fee is easily worth the selection of quality products, lack of hassles and wait times.