Nov. 17 2010 12:00 AM

Good luck, Republicans

On Election Day, Republican candidates swept state-wide offices, they took over the Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan House of Representatives, have a super-majority in the Michigan Senate, and Congressman Mark Schauer, an honest and honorable public servant, lost re-election to the far right-wing former Congressman, Tim Walberg.

When President Obama took office, two short years ago, many Republicans led by Rush Limbaugh said, "I hope he fails." Two years later, as Republicans are set to control the entire state of Michigan and have retaken the US House of Representatives, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who Republicans have spent years (and millions of dollars) demonizing - says of her likely successor, "I wish him well personally. And for the American people, I wish him well in his work, as well."

That is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have always been better at policy and are reluctant to play hardball to win elections. Republicans have always been better at politics and this election proves that they are willing to say/ do anything to win. Democrats wish their rivals success for the betterment of the country. Republicans are willing to sacrifice the country to win an election.

This election was filled with nasty and negative campaigning. Nearly identical Republican Party Mailers and Robo-calls told outright lies about Democrats in districts throughout Michigan. The negativity was meant to inspire fear and anger in voters. And Republicans were rewarded by winning this election, by spending millions in corporate donations to spread those lies. Even the non-partisan Michigan Truth Squad called them out, again and again, for not just misleading the public, but outright lying to them.

Nevertheless, I join Nancy Pelosi in wishing the Republicans success in revitalizing our state, because as a Democrat I care more about the people than the politics. I just hope that they learn from 2008 and 2010 - Political fortunes can change quickly and as public servants, Republicans now have a responsibility to ALL of us and not just the extreme right-wing that they catered to during the election.

— Travis Radina, Lansing