Dec. 1 2010 12:00 AM

Smart commute

Governor-Elect Rick Synder’s decision to commute from Ann Arbor to Lansing is anything but sustainable. Sustainability is defined by social and environmental impacts of economic activity. Economic costs aside, which include increased security at his Ann Arbor home and fuel costs, living in Lansing is the way to support the capital city which is plagued by commuters unable to help Lansing become a more vibrant and livable city. Not only will we in Lansing miss out on Synder’s potential contribution to the social capital of our community, but commuting contributes to climate change. A more environmentally-friendly option would be MichiVan, a van-pool program for commuters, but I doubt this would fit a Governor’s packed schedule. Maybe if Michigan had lightrail then Synder could use that, however Michigan is behind the times on that front. If Synder is a “smart nerd” then he could use this issue as a reason to focus on commute options for all Michiganers, and in the meantime live in Lansing. Then he could potentially bicycle to work just like many of us do.

— Lauren K. Olson Lansing

On the bridge

When was the last time that Kyle used the Ambassador Bridge (“Still a lot to do for Legislature,” 11/24/10)? He would find that the route is straight as an arrow from Hwy 401 to the bridge plaza. In addition, the route to the bridge is nowhere near the downtown of Windsor. Maybe he’s thinking of the tunnel? Also, there hasn’t been a traffic jam on Huron Line (exhust filled or otherwise) since the Bridge Company installed four more US Customs booths on the American side. It would seem to me that the traffic back-up of the past were caused by the delays at customs and not due to traffic volume; which has dropped off to below 1999 levels over the last three years. Why would the tax payers of Michigan want to assume a $2 billion risk with building a new bridge when the Bridge Company is willing to take on that risk without any public money. It seems to be a no-brainer to me.

— IanPaulson From