Dec. 8 2010 12:00 AM

Remember the citizens

I was moved, as well as disgusted by Councilwoman Wood’s recent statements, "I guess that’s his [Mayor Bernero’s] idea of regionalism," adding that she has been asked by "regional study groups" to follow their lead with a moratorium.” (“Just Say No,” 12/1/10) Perhaps Councilwoman Wood has forgotten who she works for. She should keep in mind that she has no allegiance to any “regional study groups.” Rather, she answers to the citizens of Lansing, who obviously need to relieve her of her duties.

— David Light, Saginaw

Here come the feds

I stand behind the actions of Ryan Basore, the Capital City Caregivers, and anyone else who is doing the same (“Here come the feds [online],” 12/2/10). The government is going to do what they want until the people who truly run the government, The People of The United States of  America, say "This is enough!". The way to do this is through organization and the sharing of information. We have to come together for our cause. If you are a patient, I say don’t stop there. If you are able, become and advocate for the power of you medicine and what it does for you. If you don’t need to use medical marijuana, but feel that it is the right for a person to do so, please allow that to be reflected when you make your decision on whom you vote for. Hopefully you will never be in a position where you need the healing power of cannabis, but if you don’t do something today, you may not have that choice in the future.

— revolution, from

So, this has made it to Lansing, now, huh? I thought we were the oasis in the middle of a hostile desert, and now they are creeping in here, too?

— BiddleCityGuy, from