After 25 years of hosting Holiday Art Markets, the Lansing Art Gallery knows what customers are looking for.

“We have all kinds of media represented and of all price ranges," says Catherine Babcock, the Gallery’s executive director. "The lowest-priced item is
$3. Everything we have is made in Michigan. During the holidays we ask
our artists for things in the gift-giving price range.”

Located at 113 S. Washington Square, the Gallery plays host to a variety of local artists and craftspeople.

“We have traditional art, like paintings and sculptures," Babcock says, "and we also have balloon glass ornament s, and handmade soaps and lip gloss.

"The most unusual thing I think you can find here is a vase that you don’t put flowers in. It’s a vase, but it’s closed at the top, so that’s something a little different.”

Other items that can be commonly found are pottery and decorative tiles. The market continues through Dec. 23.

Holiday Art Market

Through Dec. 23

Lansing Art Gallery 113 South Washington Square, Lansing

(517) 347-6400