Dec. 22 2010 12:00 AM

Who is the woman in this 1964 caricature?


In the early 1970s, David Doxey bought a framed picture at
Meijer in Lansing, and it hung on a wall in his home for years. But when it
fell down and the frame broke, a mystery began. Behind the purchased artwork
was a caricature of an elegant lady, sporting golden earrings and a substantial
diamond ring. Doxey likes the drawing very much, but he’s curious to know who the
subject is.

Signature.jpgAn artist’s signature in the lower left-hand corner
indicates the sketch was drawn by “Kohl,” or possibly “Koll.” It’s dated 1964,
and it has the style of an editorial cartoon or a comical advertisement. Could
this be a local celebrity of the day, or a socialite who was being spoofed? If
you have any information on the drawing or the artist, Doxey would love to know
about it. So would we!