Dec. 29 2010 12:00 AM

Speech therapy in the light

The article "Pause to reflect" (12/22/10) by Lawrence Cosentino did not make me pause and reflect; instead it pumped me up with enthusiasm. The issue of speech therapy gets a short shrift in the media, so I was heartened that the article talked so much about the great work being done at MSU’s Communicative Sciences and Disorders Department. I hope you will do follow-up articles as THE KING’S SPEECH will be in the news again at Oscar time.

The fact that the article profiled successful businesswoman Sharon Emery was powerful in showing people that people who stutter can be very successful and that the stereotypes are just bunk. For an extensive list of people who have excelled despite stuttering I recommend people look at the list of famous people who stutter on the website of the Stuttering Foundation (www. This website also has great information and resources for people who stutter and parents.

I want to suggest a possible topic for a future article: the fact that employer-based health coverage is quite hostile and frustrating to people who need speech therapy services, regardless of the speech problem. There needs to be more parity in this area of health coverage so that more people covered by such health plans have satisfactory access to speech therapy.

— Leonard Kinshell, Lansing