Jan. 5 2011 12:00 AM

4100 S. Cedar St., Lansing. M-Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m. (517) 993-5336

If you’ve been looking for a complete, one-stop dispensary, check out Helping Hands on Cedar Street between Holmes and Cavanaugh roads.

Offering meds, medibles, clones, smoking accessories and now fee-free access, they pretty much have it all.

Strains vary in price from $15-$25 per gram. At $25 a gram, Apollo, a sativa strain, was definitely the best bud offered at the time. The buds were thick and sticky with oozing trichomes that carried a sweet, citrus aroma. Similar to the popular Super Lemon Haze strain, the smoke tasted sweet, fruity and went down smooth. With a clear minded, uplifting high, this strain would be great for patients dealing with mild aches and pains. For $20 a gram, the hybrid strain Juicy Fruit was a bit disappointing. Bright green buds, a nice coating of crystals and a candy-like bubblegum smell are usually signs of good things to come. But, once lit, the sweet aroma gave way to a piney, chemical-like taste that lingered after a harsh exhale. The high was mildly relaxing, but not anywhere near as heavy as expected. It was good looking bud, but the potency didn’t justify the price.

Another $20 strain was Orange Kush, and it was well worth the price. The buds were small, thick, dark green, covered in orange hairs and frosted with trichomes. The smell of fresh dirt shifted to a sweet, wood-like taste when burned — smooth and easy to smoke. An indica, as mostly all genuine Kush strains are, the high was very sedative and numbing. Patients with sleeping problems and chronic pain could find this strain to be quite beneficial.

At $15 a gram, the AK-47 was by far the best bud for the price at Helping Hands. Having been popular since it’s debut in the early ‘90’s, this sativa-dominant strain tends to bring about more peace than its name suggests. The high is mellower than most sativas — not quite as clear minded, but still very heavy, conversation inducing and lasting. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression can benefit from the highly social effects that AK-47 is renowned for producing.

The clones looked healthy and ready to take home, but remember to do research, ask questions and make sure the chosen strain is one that is within the grower’s ability range.

Open seven days a week with quality products and services, Helping Hands is one of the few dispensaries around that truly has a lot to offer.