April 20 2011 12:00 AM

The township complains to the press?

Let me get this straight, there is an area in our community in desperate need of a sidewalk. (High traffic, narrow lanes, no shoulder, leads to places kids go to like park and YMCA, etc.) There is grant money available. The city of Lansing offers to do all the work for Lansing Township if they agree to pay their share. The Township doesn’t take action for 3 months. The City sets a deadline in an attempt to get the Township to act. And it is the Township that is complaining to the press (“Sidewalk correspondence,” 4/6/11)?

If the city did not have to wait on the Lansing Township, this project could be well under way. Instead of an example of city officials throwing their weight around, it looks an example of why we don’t need the added layer of township governments.

— Joseph Marutiak, Lansing