March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Mid Michigan Family Theatre stages a comic melodrama to raise funds for upgraded computers

As its title suggests, the action in the new Mid Michigan Family Theatre comedy doesn’t unfold anywhere near The Great White Way.
But just because the characters of “Way, Way Off Broadway” won’t be spewing Tony acceptance speeches anytime soon doesn’t mean the audience isn’t in for a good time.
“It’s a takeoff of the old-fashioned melodrama, very tongue-in-cheek,” said director Bill Gordon of the show, which runs Friday and Saturday.  “We have The Hero, the Damsel In Distress and The Villain.  It’s very entertaining for the audience and challenging for the actors."
Betty Tracy Huff’s play depicts the zany adventures of a group of misfits seeking fame and fortune on the stage.
The cast includes S.  Beth Murphy, Stephanie Wagner-Reid, Mike Sobocinski and Chuck Sartorious.
“There are some pretty bizarre characters.  These actors have done a terrific job of bringing them to life,” Gordon said. 
“Way, Way Off Broadway” is a two-night special event intended as a fundraiser for the MMFT. The proceeds from the production will be earmarked for upgrading the company’s computer systems, an improvement that will benefit not only the theater but the audience as well, according to Gordon.
“More and more we find we are using computers for our shows, especially for the sound and lighting systems,” he said. “The sooner we get everything we need in place, the sooner it will make for a better experience for the audience.”
For the cost of admission, audiences will be treated to a dessert and beverage along with the show.

"Way, Way Off Broadway"
 7 p.m. Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16
Mid Michigan Family Theatre
440 Frandor Ave. (in the Frandor Shopping Center), Lansing
(517) 339-2145