Property:  1047 W. Grand River Ave. and 1103 W. Grand River Ave., East Lansing

Owner:  Susan and Larry Black (1047), Doyle  Vollers (1103)

Taxpayer: Susan and Larry Black (1047), Doyle Vollers (1103)

Assessed:  $73,900 (1047), $105,100 (1103)

You’ve probably never given much thought
to the houses that frame the intersection of Kensington Road and West
Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, just zipped through at nice 25 mph
clip. The fact is the intersection is quite possibly one of the most
beautifully crafted due to both the architecture and setting,
particularly the Tudor style houses to the south at 1047 and 1103 W.
Grand River.

Like two sentry guards, the houses flank
the entry to Chesterfield Hills. These two stunning Neo-Tudors define
the edge, and like a domed building indicates a circular space within,  the houses allude to the equally lovely architecture found within the neighborhood.

Living in a gateway house has it perks.
Larry Black, owner of 1047 W. Grand River, the two-story shingle style
house, says he never thought he would like a corner house but
appreciates it for the social interactions with his neighbors and people
passing by that it affords.

It is the visual cues of great
architecture and urbanism, like the use of architecture to subtly mark
an entry to a neighborhood, that makes our built environment beautiful.