March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Mayor Bernero visits Occupy Lansing tent city in Ruetter Park


Wednesday, Oct. 12  — Lansing Mayor visited organizers of Occupy Lansing, an action planned at the Capitol on Saturday, at their tent city in Reutter Park on Capitol Avenue across from the downtown library on Tuesday.

Bernero visited them to share his views and express his support for Occupy Lansing, Deputy Chief of Staff Randy Hannan said today. The photo in this story appeared on the Occupy Lansing Facebook page.

Bernero, who spoke out against Wall Street as the Democratic candidate for governor last year, has made a number of statements in favor of Occupy Lansing and Occupy Wall Street on his Facebook page. Here are some of them:

"Our political system has become increasingly corportized, privatized and profitized by the filthy rich. The unholy alliance of Washington and Wall Street have conspired against regular folks to all but obliterate the American Dream and bastardise our democracy. Thank God the people are fighting back! America must be a place of opportunity for ALL, not just the few at the top. I welcome Occupy Wall Street to Lansing, Michigan."

 “In nature, animals and humans can and do live with parasites of all kinds. But when the parasite becomes too greedy, grows too large and steals too many nutrients, a once-tolerable burden can become life threatening to the host.
“Such is the case with the American economy and the Wall Street Banksters. Until they are put in check, no real and lasting economic recovery is possible. Let's hope this is the beginning of an awaking that will lead to true reform and real hope for the 99 percent of folks being left behind.”

“Something big is brewing, and it wasn't orchestrated by cynics from Wall Street and Washington, ala the Tea Party. No, this is the real deal. Sit up and pay attention, folks. This just might be our chance to get our country back. It won't be easy and it won't be quick, but I ask you, Is the American of your dreams worth fighting for?”

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