Jan. 25 2012 12:00 AM

Two actors show off the many comic faces of love in Stormfield Theatre’s ‘Romantic Fools’


“It’s sort of about the games and acts we put on when we’re in a relationship,” director Rob Roznowski said of Stormfield Theatre’s “Romantic Fools,” opening Thursday.

Rich Orloff’s  play depicts the perils of blind dates, regular dates, marriage and even orgies. This “PG-15” play, as Roznowski describes it, features 12 sketches with actors Roger Ortman and Lisa Sodman taking on multiple roles.

Ortman is a regional actor from Indiana; Sodman has directed and acted at Riverwalk Theatre, Starlight Diner Theatre and Purple Rose Theatre.

Roznowski, who is also is also an associate professor and head of acting and directing at Michigan State University, said the play’s vaudeville aspect ensures that there’s a clear difference between each scene. 

“I love these kinds of plays because it’s really a showcase for the actor to play tons of roles,” Roznowski said.

The overly needy husband, the psychotic girlfriend and even some classic Abbott and Costello humor (the venerable “Who´s on First?” routine becomes “Who´s on Top?”) are worked into the play. Sketches also feature lusty vegetarians, a couple that finds arm wrestling arousing and a “wild and wooly” love story.

“I think the kind of broad characters that are there are different versions of what we all experience,” in dating, Roznowski said.