March 18 2013 12:00 AM

The student-teacher relationship is examined in 'Scarborough'

Is love enough? That's the question posed by Fiona Evans' "Scarborough," produced by the Michigan State University Department of Theater, in collaboration with Touch Your Soul Productions. The drama will be performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Studio 49 in the MSU Auditorium.

“Scarborough,” directed by Dennis Corsi, explores the bond that exists between teacher and student and what happens when it expands beyond the usual boundaries. Two couples spend a weekend away at an old bed and breakfast, hoping to hide their illicit affairs. Act One introduces Daz (Graham Lundeen), a male student, and his relationship with teacher Lauren (Melissa Mercieca). Using the same dialog from the first act, the second introduces Beth (Kelly Studnicki),  and her affair with instructor Aiden (David Clauson).

"As in Harold Pinter's 'Betrayal,' the audience is given a completely different, gripping perspective on the characters and action," noted Variety critic David Benedict in a review of the play's 2008 production in London. "The characters don't know what's coming, but we do. Not only does the pathos rocket, you can feel the audience's concentration redouble as we watch differences in gender politics made superbly visible. Are the dice loaded when the older partner is a man? How different are young girls and young boys? The same script yields fascinatingly contrasting emotions."

%u2028Studio 49 of MSU Auditorium%u2028
8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17 and Saturday, Feb 18; 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 19
%u2028$5 at the door%u2028