March 21 2012 12:00 AM

Trick Your Bully


Trick Your Bully owner Michael Lewis says his mission is help you treat your dog to something special.

Trick Your Bully, which opened March 10, is located in REO Town, along South Washington Avenue. It´s a boutique that specializes in dog food supplements and accessories — such as collars and harnesses — that Lewis says are both stylish and high quality.

“When you go to your traditional stores like Meijer to get a harness or a collar a lot of times they are made out of cheap material,” Lewis said.

“That is generally why people go there because (supplies) will be cheaper. I wanted to start something so I can give the public better equipment to be responsible owners at a decent rate.”

Besides owning Trick Your Bully, Lewis is also a breeder of pit bulls. His business not only concentrates on accessorising and nourishing dogs, but offering reliable equipment, such as leashes and harnesses, in an effort to promote responsible ownership and counteract the rough reputation of pit bulls.

“I’m not sure why they just portray the negative pieces (of pit bull ownership), but my dogs are living proof that (pit bulls) can be trained, they can be very good companions and they can mix well with people and other dogs,” Lewis said. “I bring my dogs in the store and they interact with people — every single weekend.”

According to Lewis, large dogs, such as pit bulls, are not always to blame for their unflattering image in the media.

“Your large-breed dogs kind of get a bad rep as far as being aggressive, like your Dobermans, your pit bulls, your Rottweilers,” Lewis said. “It’s not always the dog’s fault. A lot of times, owners that are not responsible might have cheap equipment. What I mean by equipment are collars, and the collars we have in the store are pretty thick so your dog is more controlled that way.”

While some of the supplies are targeted for owners of large dogs, Lewis says he´s trying to ensure that there is something for everyone’s four-legged friend at Trick Your Bully.

“We’re just trying to give people an alternative other than your traditional stores like PetSmart. We’ve got some fun stuff for dogs, too. I love all dogs, that’s why I made it a dog store.”

Trick Your Bully

1136 1/2 S. Washington Ave.,


11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday

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Noon-5 p.m. Sunday

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