April 4 2012 12:00 AM

Scooters to go


Just in time for this season’s rising temperatures and soaring gas prices, Scooters to Go has opened in Lansing, preparing to sell the economic benefits of scooter transportation to local commuters.

“We’re just trying to help people get around, anybody that needs to travel a little bit cheaper,” said Dale Woodyard, owner of Scooters to Go.

When Scooters to Go officially opened for business on March 21, it could not have happened at a more opportune time.

During a period of unusually warm weather, the store received many inquiries about its scooters, particularly from Lansing’s student population.

“At Lansing Community College, they are charging $10 a day for parking,” Woodyard said. “We have a lot of LCC students coming down here because they can park scooters with the bikes and save money. At $10 a day, the scooter is going to pay for itself.”

Over the years, scooter travel has transitioned from recreational use to a primary method of transportation.

According to Woodyard, scooter popularity has particularly increased among Lansing residents looking to avoid paying high gas prices and parking fees.

“I sold scooters out of this building (in 2009) when it was a fad, Woodyard said.

Today,scooters are needed as real transportation. I think people are looking at them as more serious transportation because of the crisis we are having with gas. Also, today they are a lot more affordable.”

Scooters to Go carries the popular scooter brand TaoTao Scooters, which are designed for inner city and campus commutes. The scooters come in a range of sizes, colors and prices. The store also features a mechanic to assist customers with the maintenance and repair of their scooters.

“I would recommend a scooter for anybody that has to commute within a 25-mile distance of home,” Woodyard said. “We want to offer any safety tips for people. For people that have never ridden a scooter, we suggest they take a safety course. We let people test drive them in the parking so they kind of get the feel of it.”

As more warm weather approaches, Scooters to Go anticipates a steep increase in business from people looking for a convenient way to travel around town.

“It’s economical, but it’s also fun just to get out there, slow down a little bit, and take a look around,” Woodyard said. “You get to see more things on a scooter.”

Scooters to Go

216 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing

(517) 348-7673