Feb. 21 2019
This micro barber shop nestled in The Hive co-working space will be the latest destination for Lansing’s grizzled dudes to turn into dapper gentlemen
Feb. 21 2019
Lansing-based rapper James Gardin, formerly known as P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, drops his new eight-track EP, “Sweet Jesus,” Saturday at The Robin Theatre in REO Town. Released via Illect Recordings, the...
Feb. 21 2019
A bit too muchBy MARK NIXON Troppo is one of those if-the-wallscould-talk places. A cocktail oniontoss from the state Capitol, Troppo practically screams “Important People Hang Here!” To be...
Feb. 21 2019
“Student Body,” by Lansing Community College Performing Arts, is a 60-minute punch in the gut. The Frank Winters play is eye-opening, jaw-dropping and thought provoking
Feb. 21 2019
“The A-Train Plays” would seem to be an unlikely cure for winter-storm induced cabin fever
Feb. 21 2019
While Lansing has many great Mexican restaurants, its markets are where a lot of under-appreciated ingredients and dishes can be purchased. Here are just a few you should definitely check out
Harpist Brandee Younger meets the MSU Professors of Jazz
Feb. 21 2019
The rarity of jazz harp is a draw on its own, but Brandee Younger doesn’t lug her harp down the stairs of Manhattan’s Zinc bar at 2 a.m. for novelty’s sake. Younger is a harp warrior...
ReginaCarter (1)
Regina Carter pays a personal tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
Feb. 21 2019
There is a sweet symmetry to Detroit violinist Regina Carter’s Ella Fitzgerald tribute project, coming to the Wharton Center Friday
Feb. 21 2019
The nonprofit charity gallery in the Lansing Mall offering local artist exhibits and community driven art classes will close after four years in business
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 1.46.45 PM
Feb. 21 2019
Whether you are a fair-weather fan or an unapologetic elitist nerd, the Michigan State University Comics Forum has a page-turning fix for all
Feb. 21 2019
Dr. Randal Jelks could have played it safe when selecting the four subjects for his new book partially titled “Faith and Struggle in the Lives of Four African Americans.”
Mayor praises partners in South Side resurgence
Feb. 21 2019
It wasn’t unusual for Andy Schor to stick around after a press conference to take a few questions. But the first question was a bit striking. “Whoooo?”
190220 my favorite things 4c
Feb. 21 2019
I went through college specializing in history and literature. I graduated with a history major. All of my college life I read literature and history, and was evaluating different philosophies and the...
Feb. 21 2019
At Casa de Rosado, more than a dozen are gathered to watch Latino activist Lorenzo Lopez demonstrate on how he cooks his signature enchiladas. It has the atmosphere of a lighthearted cooking show, sangria...
Feb. 21 2019
As state officials continue to collect far more money than they need to operate Michigan’s medical marijuana program, costs for licensed cardholders could soon get a whole lot cheaper
Feb. 21 2019
“Oklahoma!” is sweeping down the plains of East Lansing and it’s a must-see show. High expectations come with producing one of the most popular and parodied Broadway musicals ever created....
MSU prof helped identify famous ‘kissing sailor’
Feb. 21 2019
We’ve all seen that hairline, but few people have studied it as carefully as Sauer has. One of the 20th century’s most famous images is Alfred Eisenstadt’s Life magazine photo of a celebratory...
Feb. 21 2019
One in five students report they’ve been bullied — 15 percent in the last 12 months. Those statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics are among the reasons Rep. Sarah Anthony...
Top officials sacrifice diversity amid paramedic shortage
Feb. 20 2019
Claretta Duckett-Freeman is determined to be one of the first black women at the Lansing Fire Department.After working several years as a medic in the U.S. Army, Duckett-Freeman was quickly attracted to...
Schor yields following media reports
Feb. 19 2019
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said today he will file reports with the IRS for his fund to pay his “incidental expenses” of being in office