Jan. 2 2019
The Aimcriers are bringing a soulful blend of folk and rock to Crunchy’s with the theme of road tapes — covering songs listened to on road trips while throwing in some originals as well.
Ten of the most newsworthy stories over the last 12 months
Dec. 27 2018
Important stories abounded, among them: The fiery death of a mother and child in public housing in Lansing, which led to replacing the head of the Lansing Housing Commission and a hard look at conditions;...
Dec. 27 2018
Among the old places with new faces is the remodeled Art’s Pub, taken on by longtime friends of the prior owners, Greg and Nick Sinicropi. Under the Sinicropis’ ownership, the bar preserved...
SkyVue Apartments
Dec. 27 2018
After all that cities have learned about humanizing scale and design, and after all the recent talk about properly developing the Michigan Avenue corridor linking MSU to the Capitol and downtown Lansing,...
Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and the public mural by Nanibah Chacon
Dec. 27 2018
National turmoil and turbulence made 2018 a tough year for many immigrants, but in the heart of Lansing’s Old Town, the year was bookended by two changes that celebrated the city’s immigrant...
Dec. 27 2018
For the first half of its season, Greater Lansing theater showed it is alive and kicking — sometimes with high kicks and sometimes with lowbrow punches
Dec. 27 2018
New Year’s Eve, the bonafide best party night in the United States, needs no further hype. Luckily, Lansing is more than accommodating for those who have an itch that can only be cured by a proper...
Jazz and classical highlights of 2018
Dec. 27 2018
With apologies to William James, the varieties of musical experience in Greater Lansing — thanks to an overflowing local music scene and the region’s power to attract distinguished visiting...
Dec. 27 2018
A year’s worth of artistic progress in a capital city is not easily summed up. There are many things I will likely miss, not only because so much has happened, but also because this issue marks the...
Dec. 27 2018
Hands down two of the best books from this year’s mix chronicle the Flint water crisis. Anna Clark’s “The Poisoned City” uses a documentary journalistic style to detail what led...
Dec. 27 2018
Once his second in charge, Brian Calley, lost the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Snyder lost interest in politics. Sure, he showed up at a fundraiser here and there, but screaming from his bully...
Dec. 27 2018
HE ATE: Best Lansing Restaurants. SHE ATE: Best Lansing Food Events
Ingham County
Officials look to beef up animal welfare laws
Dec. 26 2018
City officials are looking to update state law and ramp up enforcement following complaints about neighborhood dogs, repeatedly left out in the cold to whine throughout the winter nights
Dec. 21 2018
Cooley Law School Stadium is dressed to impress with an enchanting display of lights for its last Family Night Holiday Lights of the year
Another Lansing pot shop nets state license
Dec. 21 2018
With a nod from the state, a second medical marijuana dispensary is licensed in Lansing
Lawmakers greenlight court consolidation
Dec. 21 2018
Legislation to unify Ingham County’s district courtrooms headed to the governor’s desk after state senators approved a bill last night that could trigger the consolidation
Dec. 20 2018
Shortly after Thanksgiving, a holiday tradition in our household is to bring out a small collection of Christmas books. Over the years, staples like “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”...
Dec. 20 2018
Calling the head elf to replace an unwell Santa sounds like the makings of a classic Christmas movie, but it really happened to Roger “Santa Roger” Minton. Working as Twinkle Toes the elf for...
Dec. 20 2018
Yes, it’s a grand tradition for Sauter’s DIY Lansing record label Bermuda Mohawk, with help from GTG Records, to put out a Christmas music compilation entitled “Bermuda Snowhawk”...
Dec. 20 2018
A haunting collection of smells, a real ant colony that moonlights as a DJ, an edible blob, a car that emits feathers and many other provocative wonders are packed into the latest big exhibit at MSU’s...